About me

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete

Buckminster Fuller

I played the games of raging against the system, changing the system from within and hacking the system. I burned out trying. Twice. I choose to believe we need to rapidly evolve as a species and create a new system if we want to survive as a species on this planet. This is already happening on the edges of our system.

The systems our civilization has in place were build based on finite zero-sum games. The limits of sustainability for this kind of games are becoming painfully obvious and we find ourselves in desperate need of game-changers to create game-worlds of infinite games. The systemic crisis unfolding in our lifetime brings the opportunity of rapid evolution and radical change. Collective evolution starts by each of us doing the work of inner evolution so we can as sovereign individuals engage in meaningful and productive collective action as parts of a whole.

I see my mission in assisting those who can or are already seeding and building new paths to a solar punk future, to increase their sense of safety, sovereignty, conceptual flexibility and capacity to relate to others to build intentional tribes. I want to empower self sovereign game changers because I really do not want to spend the rest of my existence on this planet playing the games of order and control dreamed of by the technocratic apparatchiks in power.

I envision a decentralized mycelial network of intentional regenerative communities as sanctuaries for exploring new ways of relating to each other and the land, practicing inner and outer permaculture and building the base for a future where we are thriving as stewards of this planet.

Instead of telling you a biographical story of how I became who I am at the moment, I am opting for introducing you to the state of my being with the 8 Circuit Brain Model.

Mariana Pinzón (2021) Foto by Maximiliane Wittek

C1: Nurturing Safety

On the bio-unit level I can regulate my nervous system in a way that allows me to show up calm, grounded and present, supporting your system to co-regulate into safety so we can work together on different levels. I embody calmness.

C2: Emotional Spaciousness

My emotional circuitry has a high sensitivity and is able to deeply feel and move through emotions. The emotional empathy that has developed in my system allows me to support you through your own emotional storms in a way that you feel held and seen.

My confidence is grounded in my own authority and I will support you to center in your own sovereignty without leading you or telling you what to do. 

C3: Conceptual Flexibility

On the conceptual level I can offer an agnostic, bright and flexible open mind driven by curiosity and equipped with lots of coaching models, tools and philosophical ideas. It is trained in paradigm shifting through the study of philosophy and comparative religion and the practice of Chaos Magick.

My mind is operating with a map based on the 8 Circuit Brain Model as an analysis tool. It can support you in reflection, unpacking your BS, shifting perspectives, changing your narrative and patterns of thinking and gain clarity on whatever is vexing you.

C4: Loving Hermit

I love and do as I will. I am more of a hermit and a black sheep than a socialite. My system is equipped with a huge warm heart, loads of compassion and empathy and a compass of the values of Liberation, Love, Playfulness, Balance and Rapid Evolution. My open heart I can offer you a warm and non-judgmental space to explore whatever is alive for you while relating in genuine companionship. 

The people I usually vibe with are freaks, nerds, misfits, black sheep, neurodivergent folks, rebels, solar punks and chaotic edge-dwellers.

C5: Sensual Serenity

As a sensual and hedonistic creature I am connected to the power of presence and play, awe and wonder. I can support your journey with a very grounding presence of chill serenity and a spirit of playfulness creating space for you to connect to your own somatic experience.

C6: Playful Magickian

The ChaoSurfing Magickian in me has a quiver full of tools to joyfully and creatively experiment with you and get you hacking at your own system. I can create ritual space for you to move energy and enter altered states. I can craft sigils for you to accelerate and anchor the change you want to experience in different levels of your system. 

C7: Archetypical Shapeshifter

From the realm of archetypes my system has access to embody the archetypes of the hermit, the healer,  the lover, the sage, the rebel, the magician, the cacao mama or the trickster depending on what kind of companion you require for your process.

C8: Silent Emptiness

From the vastness and spaciousness of my being I courageously offer you the silence of the void to speak into whatever needs release, dissolution or transformation.

Shiny documents of authority?!?

As a discordian pope I am my own authority. I do believe that direct experience is the highest authority. But if for some reason you find shiny documents of authority relevant to build trust I do actually have some to show for, because my mind loves methodology and to learn from others.

As a Transformational Coach I trained and certified with Animas Center for Coaching.

My mind was trained by 10 years of university level mindfuck with the study of Comparative Religion (no, that is not Theology), Philosophy and Political Science at the illustrous University of Heidelberg which awarded me with a Magistra Artium degree.

All the other awesome tools, insights and life hacks in my quiver I picked up along the way in different courses (Existential Therapy and Positive Psychology), trainings (Expand the Box by Possibility Management) and all those waves of Chaos I learned to surf in my own psychonautic explorations and practicing Chaos Magick.