Your path to self-realization, healing, and empowerment is just a step away.

💫 Embrace the Call of the Hermit: Join me on an introspective journey where you’ll uncover hidden treasures within and reconnect to your self-confidence, self-love, and passion for life. Let the nurturing embrace of Mama Cacao guide you through your shadows to a place of profound clarity, self-acceptance, and joy.

🍫 Unlock the Magick Within: Don’t let another day pass feeling disconnected from your most playful parts. Step forward into a journey of alchemy and transformation. Reclaim your self-sovereignty, ignite your creativity, and start living again with the fullness of your heart and soul.

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The Hermit’s Journey is not just a path of transformation; it’s your gateway to a life of authenticity, joy, and boundless creativity.

The journey starts with you.

What is my role as your companion?

I am not a therapist and I cannot heal or fix you. 

All healing is self-healing.

I am your companion and a catalyst for change, supporting you in activating your self-healing.

I do this by offering you space and questions for inquiry, being your witness in loving awareness for whatever wants to be seen, and by igniting your courage to go deep within yourself.

This journey will always be tailored to your emergent needs as our journey deepens. Each session you decide where and how deep you want to go.

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Where are the sessions held?

The sessions will take place at my ritual space in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg. You’ll be welcomed into a deeply held, nurturing space where you can surrender to the process.

Why the Hermit?

The Hermit, often depicted as a solitary figure with a lantern on Tarot cards, symbolizes introspection, wisdom, and the search for deeper truths. In the context of personal development and the Hermit’s Journey, this symbolism translates to a few key themes:

  1. Introspection and Self-Discovery: The Hermit encourages turning inward, exploring the depths of one’s psyche to uncover hidden truths about oneself.
  2. Guidance and Wisdom: Just as the Hermit in tarot carries a lantern, the journey is about illuminating one’s path with wisdom and insight, guiding one towards self-understanding and enlightenment.
  3. Solitude for Growth: The Hermit’s energy emphasizes the importance of solitude and quiet reflection as tools for personal growth and spiritual development.
  4. Transition from Darkness to Light: The journey with the Hermit is about moving from the darkness of ignorance or unexamined life to the light of awareness and understanding.

The Hermit’s Journey, supported by the nurturing properties of ceremonial cacao, creates a powerful synergy for deep emotional and spiritual exploration. This path invites participants to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, healing, and personal evolution.

Why Cacao and what are the benefits?

Ceremonial cacao is far more than just a physical substance; it’s a spiritual tool that has been used for centuries in various indigenous cultures, particularly in Central and South America. In its ceremonial form, raw cacao is consumed in a ritualistic manner, with reverence and intention, facilitating a deep connection to the heart, intuition, and spirit. Aided by this medicine we venture out of our minds into a heart-centered space, both you and me.

Key Benefits:

  1. Heart Opening: Ceremonial cacao is known for its properties that stimulate the heart’s energy center, promoting feelings of love, compassion, and connection.
  2. Emotional Healing: By facilitating a deeper connection with emotions, cacao can aid in the release and healing of emotional blockages.
  3. Enhanced Creativity and Focus: Theobromine, a component of cacao, offers a gentle, uplifting effect that can enhance focus, creativity, and a sense of well-being.
  4. Spiritual Connection: Many users report a heightened sense of spiritual awareness and connectedness during and after a cacao ceremony.

Contraindications: While ceremonial cacao is considered safe for most people, it’s important to be mindful of dosage and individual health conditions. It should be used with caution or avoided by those with severe heart conditions, extreme hypertension, or sensitivities to chocolate. Always consult a healthcare professional for personalized advice.

What’s the Inner Child?

The Inner Child is a concept in psychology representing the childlike aspect within your subconscious mind. It embodies the part of yourself that often holds onto past joys, fears, traumas, and hopes. Reparenting and nurturing the Inner Child can lead to profound emotional growth and evolution and improve the quality of our relationships.

It can be seen as an anthropomorphization of our deeply ingrained emotional patterns, which we developed between the ages of 3 and 10 and hold all the strategies for meeting our emotional needs for security and nurture. Since humans function as relational creatures, we can access our subconscious patterns, by giving them humanoid forms and then relating to them to integrate them into the whole.

Chaos Magick what?

Chaos Magick is a unique and individualized approach to psycho-spirituality, one that I embrace and integrate into my practice with a deep understanding of its transformative potential.

At its core, Chaos Magick offers a highly individualized path for personal empowerment and creative freedom. It stands apart from traditional, dogmatic spiritual practices by emphasizing an adaptable, DIY approach to spiritual growth and self-discovery. This method invites us to craft a personal spiritual path and play around with different paradigms using belief as a tool.

From my perspective, I work Chaos Magicku using the psychological model of Magick as a form of nervous system hacking. It allows us to reprogram our subconscious, break free from limiting beliefs, and tap into deeper layers of our psyche. By understanding and working with our nervous system, we create pathways to rewire our responses to stress, trauma, and everyday life challenges.

This practice involves a variety of techniques, from meditation and visualization to symbolic rituals and affirmations, all tailored to the individual’s needs and perspectives. The beauty of Chaos Magick lies in its flexibility and adaptability; it empowers you to become the architect of your own spiritual journey, using tools and symbols that are most meaningful to you.

Chaos Magick is not just about the rituals or spells; it’s a mindset, a way of approaching life with curiosity, openness, and a willingness to explore the unknown. It’s a journey of self-exploration, where the chaos of the mind and the external world becomes a playground for growth, transformation, and profound self-realization.

Who is this Journey designed for?

The Hermit’s Journey is designed for individuals seeking deep self-exploration and personal transformation. It’s ideal for care workers, artists, entrepreneurs, and self-employed professionals, who are feeling overwhelmed, lost, or seeking a deeper connection with their authentic selves.

This Journey can also offer medicine to anyone going through a midlife crisis seeking to reinvent themselves or improve their relationship with Self and others.

When might this not be for me?

This journey may not suit those who are not ready to face their inner shadows or are seeking a quick fix without deep introspective work. It also may not be suitable for individuals with certain mental health conditions or those who prefer traditional therapy methods.

For this method to work, you need to be coachable.
If you find yourself deep into depression or other severe mental disbalances, this might not work for you.

This journey can be taken to complement traditional therapy as well.

We can figure out if this journey might be for you or not in our chemistry call.

Disclaimer: Even though we will venture into the safe space of the Inner Child and not deliberately seek out traumatic spaces, painful memories of this time in your life may resurface during this journey. For some of those, I can hold loving space for you to integrate them. For others, you might require additional support from a trauma-aware therapist.

What about diversity and inclusivity?

I have a special spot in my heart for neuro-spicy folks and edge-dwellers and I can offer a welcoming space for queer and genderfluid folks.

Are there payment plans available?

Yes, you can pay in 2 or 3 installments.

How long does this journey take?

It depends on how much space you can make for it and how fast you can go. It can take anything between 8 and 12 weeks.

What clients say about this work:

I did 5 sessions with Mariana and, looking back at the point where I started, I feel I worked in a deep and subtle way while supporting the healing process. The benefits I’m having after this path are both regarding the acquisition of a solid structure, needed to have the perspective of my goals and to achieve them, and the self-acceptance of my shadow part. Session after session, Mariana created a safe space where I could open and express totally freely. She guided me in the core of my self-sabotaging patterns and helped me to see what adjustments I could do, in order to integrate the needs of all layers, both the adult and the child. The rituals she created along the path built an anchor to my whole body-mind system and resonated in a profound way to me. I feel I was provided of the tools I need to surf the realm of this chaotic reality.  I strongly recommend her powerful medicine

On one of my Sessions on the coaching journey with Mariana she guided me with a cacao ceremony to meet with my inner child and build a bridge of communication to her world. This ritual was a gateway to explore ancient and profound wounds. Marianas openhearted and healing touch allowed me to dive deep into my wounds and my power.

With her caring and grounding presence she held space for me to express deep emotions. She guided me attentively through the ritual allowing me to get a big emotional release. This experience was very healing and liberating. After the Ritual I felt tired, good,
and very relaxed. She gives out powerful medicine!

Letizia Imam

I had the lucky opportunity to meet Mariana during a 5 session coaching period. Initially I was not sure how much personal work could be done in what seemed to be a short lapse of time. The results exceeded my expectations immensely. Mariana´s capacity to engage in active listening and her outstanding ease to mirror what she listens to in a deeply reflective way allowed me to find much clarity in life problems that I have been facing and working on for years.

During her sessions she uses a different range of tools to engage in a joint exploration of the self, including meditation, cacao, dance, visualization and other kinds of different rituals. I felt since the first moment that she cared, that she was listening to me and never that she was judging me or telling me what to do.

It was never an instruction, always a guided process of self reflection. It was incredible to notice how the answers were coming from myself under her guidance and loving company. I found with her a safe space to share my innermost pains and shames, the shadows of my childhood. Together we visited them and brought them into new lights towards a new relationship to them.

Today I can say that her tools and the work we did together had a very positive impact in my life. It was so relieving to be able to cry and honestly and openly talk about my inner world with someone with so much capacity and integrity like Mariana. I’m extremely grateful to her for her beautiful work and the incredible impact it has had in me. I feel much more sure about myself, about my path and life´s decision.

I was able to contact my inner child and bring love to his fears and needs, therefore changing completely the impact these were having on my daily life. I found much space within myself to honestly explore my needs and desires and act in consequence to them. I feel freer than I did and I feel powerful, ready to engage with theI feel freer than I did and I feel powerful, ready to engage with the next steps of my life´s path towards achieving my dreams and goals.

Arturo Rodarte

Die Einsiedlerinnenreise war eine tiefe Reise zu meinen Ursprungsthemen. Von Anfang an habe ich mich bei Mariana sicher, geerdet und frei gefühlt. Alle Gefühle wie Unsicherheit, Scham, Ausweglosigkeit, aber auch eine tiefe Liebe und Verbundenheit konnten sich damit in wohlig eingepackter Kakaomedizin manifestieren, ohne bedrohlich für mein System zu sein.

Mariana hat auf eine für mich unbeschreibliche Art den Raum gehalten, Safe Space Deluxe!
Damit konnte ich mich öffnen und meiner Kleinen offen und mit Mitgefühl begegnen.

Die Kakaomedizin hat mich dabei unterstützt bei jeder Session ganz schnell in die Herzenstiefe zu gehen und mit der innerlichen Wahrheit zu spielen.

Ich verspüre große Dankbarkeit für diesen Prozess und bin froh eine magische Begleiterin wie Mariana begegnet zu sein. Ich fühle mich verbunden und in ganzheitlicher Akzeptanz mit mir selbst.

Dagmar A.

Seit über einem Jahr begleitet mich Mariana bei meiner Selbstentwicklung und Richtungssuche. Nach einem sehr aufschlussreichen Coaching letztes Jahr, indem es mehr um eine beruflichen Perspektiven ging, habe ich mit Marianas Hilfe dieses Jahr eine „Reise“ mit Cacao zu meinem Inneren Kind gemacht und ohne zu übertreiben kann ich behaupten, dass diese Erfahrung mein negatives Selbstbild ins Gegenteil gedreht hat.

Ich habe tatsächlich angefangen mich wieder zu mögen und Freude am Leben zu spüren. Mariana hat eine unglaubliche Gabe auf Menschen einzugehen. Jede einzelne Sitzung mit Ihr hat mich zum Denken, Handeln und Weiterentwickeln inspiriert und motiviert. Ich meine es genau so wie ich es jetzt schreiben werde: Dank Marianas Hilfe werde ich ein besserer Vater, Freund, Unternehmer vielleicht sogar Mensch als ganzes. Lange Rede, kurzer Sinn: Fünf von Fünf Sternen 🙂 

Konrad A.

I wasn’t sure what exactly to expect from going into the transformational journey with Mariana at first, all I knew was that I had a need for transformation and felt I could trust her from previous encounters.

Thanks to her guidance and ability to ask the right questions she allowed me to shine light on aspects of myself I had been hiding even from myself in my shadows. She created a safe space to go deeper, so I felt encouraged to open up about vulnerable topics that have kept me stuck in a spiral of negative thinking.

She has a creative way of dissecting parts of myself. With her creative, playful magical practise I realized, step by step, where my potential for positive growth lies.
Each session is full of self discoveries and new insights to explore, which she is able to stir up in the magic cauldron of the subconsciousness with her patient energy and powerful clarity.

I feel empowered in my creativity, curiosity and self awareness in the ways I speak to myself thanks to Mariana´s guidance on this transformational journey.

Suzanne W.

I’ve often found myself sabotaging my efforts at success and being submissive towards others at the expense of myself. This behavior has typically activated feelings of depression and anxiety. Mariana held such an accepting and sacred space for me to explore the deeper root of these issues, which I realized was an aspect of myself I’ve repressed for many years. I came to understand myself more clearly and understand the strength and power in this shadow part.

With her guidance, I allowed this buried part of myself to heal and transmute, seeing it change from a misanthropic tyrant to a beautiful king. Other shadow parts also arose and eagerly took on healthy new roles. I felt a deep trust in Mariana throughout the whole process, and she made everything feel safe. Her steadfast, compassionate presence was a beacon of light.

I highly recommend Mariana and ChaoSurfing to anyone seeking to heal their shadow and integrate its wonderful power. What previously was feared becomes loved and understood, allowing more substantial change than anything surface-level could offer. Thank you, Mariana!

Andrew P.