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An embodied ritual journey through the 8 Circuit Brain Model

Nomads Spreewaldplatz 5, Berlin

How do experiences of altered states catalyze personal transformation? How can altered states fast-track our evolution? Why do we sometimes spiral out of control and unravel after an experience of altered consciousness? The 8 Circuit Brain Model works as a map to better understand this and I believe it has vast usefulness for any psychonaut.  […]

€23 – €93

Cacao Ceremony #2

Zen Studios Josef-Orlopp-Straße 92, Berlin

Not your usual type of cacao-ceremony. Get ready to space-out- and inwards, experiencing the combined forces of Mariana Pinzón and Gray Contrast. Together the two aim to open up an expansive healing space for you to center and (re)balance yourself. Mariana will guide you, hold the space & provide emotional support while Dorian (Gray Contrast) […]

€23 – €42

8 Circuit Brain Model Introduction

A psychonauts map for navigating consciousness: Introduction to the 8 Circuit Brain Model For the explorers of personal and transpersonal states of consciousness. For those curious about consciousness maps, this one is designed by psychonauts for psychonauts. This is an introduction to a model for navigating the psychonautic realms in a balanced manner. This 90 […]

Free – €42