The Circuit Avatars

Introducing the 8 Colored Game World Avatars

The Warrior
The Sovereign
The Mapmaker
The Lover
The Hedonic Player
The Neuro Hacker
The Cosmic Customer
The Death Guide

These Avatars are anthropomorphic representations of the Magickal Archetypes we can summon to increase the intelligence of each Circuit of the 8 Circuit map.

The Features of the Warrior

  1. Regulates Safety: Like a vigilant sentinel, The Warrior ensures your passage is safe, contained, and protected, this circuit meticulously scans the environment for threats, ensuring that your Bio-Unit remains safe and releases stress once the threat has passed! It helps us learn about the Central Nervous System and flight/fight/freeze modes.
  2. Master of Breath: With each breath, The Warrior teaches you to draw upon the primal energies of life itself, utilizing the ancient art of breathwork to bolster your vitality and forge an unbreakable shield against the vicissitudes of existence.
  3. Grounded Anchor: Amidst the ever-shifting sands of reality, The Warrior offers a steadfast presence, grounding you with the unwavering strength of the Earth, ensuring you remain centered in the face of potential chaos.
  4. Defense Strategy: Armed with the strategic prowess of Red Magick, The Warrior equips you with the tactics of magical combat and defense, guiding you in the art of turning potential threats into avenues of empowerment and vitality.

The Features of the Sovereign

  1. Regulates Self-Worth: The Sovereign instills a deep sense of value within, teaching you to recognize and honor your worth and place here on Terra amongst the pack of domesticated primates.
  2. Master of Boundaries: The Sovereign supports you in creating the sacred lines that define and protect your personal territory, empowering you to stand your ground and hold your center in interpersonal relationships.
  3. Shadow Worker: He infuses you with the courage to venture into the depths of your shadowlands, and illuminates the hidden parts of your being, aiding you with shadow integration for a fuller expression of you!
  4. Autonomy Strategy: The Sovereign will do anything in his power to anchor your actions in autonomous choices by liberating you from the emotional hooks that allow others to hijack your system and manipulate your behavior.

The Features of the Mapmaker

  1. Regulates Sanity: The Mapmaker weaves the fabric of your mental cosmos, ensuring that amidst the vast sea of information, your ship sails smoothly, guided by the stars of reason and understanding.
  2. Master of Symbols: With a quill dipped in the ink of Orange Magick, the Mapmaker scripts the symbols that define and describe worlds, teaching you to read and rewrite the codes of exis-dance.
  3. Logical Advisor: In the court of your mind, The Mapmaker sits as the chief counselor, strategizing with precision and turning the wheels of cognition to your advantage!
  4. Narrative Strategy: The Mapmaker offers wisdom about how you can adopt and craft narratives that not only describe your reality but actively create it.

The Features of the Lover

  1. Regulates Belonging: The Lover weaves the threads of connection within us, creating a network of loving relations and reminding us of our intrinsic need to belong and contribute to the collective.
  2. Master of Intimacy: With a gentle hand this Avatar teaches us to drop our masks and fixed identities, dare to show up in vulnerability unafraid of judgment, and encounter others with an open heart so we can enjoy the magick of authentic intimacy.
  3. Balances Values: Shifting at the crossroads of morals and ethics, The Lover guides us in forming our personal code of ethics to develop a conscience and find those who resonate with our values.
  4. Connection Strategy: Through the wisdom of The Lover, we learn to navigate the complex social landscapes with grace, fostering interdependent relationships and building intentional tribes that resonate with our core values and utopian aspirations.

The Features of the Cosmic Customer

  1. Activates Inspiration: The Cosmic Customer activates your connection line to the Cosmic Network, opening your system up to receive inspiration from different cosmic sources.
  2. Non-Duality Master: This Avatar teaches you to shift into non-dual consciousness. A sage of the boundless, transcending the illusions of separation it reveals the mycelial interconnectedness of everything, everywhere all at once.
  3. Receiver of Cosmic Downloads: This Avatar will always pick up the phone for you when the Cosmic Customer Care department is calling with a message for you. It will download directly from the cloud, all information necessary to fulfill the next steps on your mission on Terra.
  4. Synchronicity Strategist: Connected to the Octarine Magick, this Avatar’s strategy consists in orchestrating meaningful coincidences to unveil the path that is mostly aligned with the role you have in the cosmic screenplay.

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