Ahoy Pirates of Consciousness!

If you have landed here, you are invited to join
a playful and transformative expedition in search of
Cognitive Liberty, Systemic Balance and
Rapid Evolution!

This life-altering trip offers you a proper Quest into the unchartered depths of your psyche and the multidimensionality of your reality experience.

We will be hunting for treasures of knowledge and understanding of the human Central Nervous System and how to play with Magick to alter our perception filters and experience of reality. This trip will teach us to surf the Waves of Chaos in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA) World apparently gone mad.

The ORMEC flag we sail under has quite an unconventional story with a unique approach to playful liberation of consciousness. Under this flag we recruit a merry crew of different-minded adventurers ready to explore and understand our role in the Cosmic Screenplay, sharing neuro-hacks and tools along the way, to make our experience at the Game of Life on Terra more fun.

If you have the courage to Quest into the Unknown, play with the primal force of Chaos, and harness the winds of change to emerge transformed, then read on.

What is ORMEC?

Octomancy Research

Never heard of the word Octomancy before? Welcome to the first part of the mystery! For the sake of courtesy, we will dare a preliminary definition.

Octomancy is the art of working with the 8 colors of Magick to navigate Chaos.

It’s a system to explore and experiment with to create change in our Nervous System Programming, altering our perception and experience of Reality.

Alongside the 8 Colors of Magick by Peter Carroll, we use the 8 Circuits of Consciousness model presented by the fringe-dwelling sages Dr. Timothy Leary, Robert Anton Wilson, and Antero Alli to craft a Map and a Compas to research the caleidoscopic wiring of our own Nervous System.

Each colour illuminates a distinct facet of Magick and each Circuit represents one dimension of our Consciousness experience, revealing the multidimensionality of our psyche.

Not afraid to play with your reality configuration? Read on!

How do we go about this?

Monastic Expedition

This Monastic Expedition is more than a group online adventure. Together we engage as a committed Crew of Chaos Monks dedicated to self-structured magical research for 12 weeks from March 24th-June16th.

Don’t worry – you won’t have to join a monastery somewhere in the mountains for this! Chaos Monastics can be practiced from the (dis)comfort of your home. The world is our playground monastery and the deep Inner Sanctum lives within each of us.

For this adventure, we will share a virtual and astral/imaginary monastery in the form of a pirate ship “The Pippilotta”.

We meet on Deck (ChaoSurfing Discord Server) and on a Monastic Master Mind online session each Sunday for 2,5 hours on Zoom to discuss our research and the results of our brain change experiments.

The time and coin investment for this Quest can be adapted flexibly to your situation – but the results will truly depend on your dedication and commitment to this expedition.

Tell me more about the journey flow!


To join this Crew of Consciousness Pirates you will need Curiosity, Courage, and a bit of Chaos in you.

Are you among the five daring Magickians ready for a full metamorphosis?

Or perhaps one of the 8 Masters, eager to chart the unexplored territories of the mind?

Maybe you’re one of the eight Monks, willing to explore Chaos Monastics on your own, but also together.

Join our Wyrd and Worldly Crew of 23 as Captain Mavis and her Quartermaster chart a course through Chaos into the Unknown.

Ready to embark on this epic quest?

Onboarding starts on January 23rd 2024 and ends March 23rd 2024. If the stars call you to this odyssey and you seek passage, get in touch and book an onboarding call to find out if you vibe with this Crew and if this Adventure is for you.

We look for the Secret – the Philosopher’s Stone, the Elixir of the Wise, Supreme Enlightenment, ‘God’ or whatever…and all the time it is carrying us about…It is the human nervous system itself.

― Robert Anton Wilson, Cosmic Trigger Volume I: Final Secret of the Illuminati

This journey is made for…

Adventurous Cosmic Pirates:

The fearless treasure hunters, explorers of consciousness, neuro-hackers, and hermeticists come aboard! Your quest to redefine reality and expand the frontiers of your mind marks you as the pioneers of this expedition. If your spirit hunger for adventure beyond the ordinary bounds, lusting for the spaces in between and you find solace in the journey itself, this expedition might tickle your fancy.

Transformation Seekers

For those on the alchemical path of self-transformation, our expedition offers itself as a catalyst for change. Whether navigating life’s chaotic transitions, re-emerging from the ashes after a collapse, looking for a full system re-boot, or seeking deeper self-awareness to find your inner gold, the ORMEC journey is tailored to your metamorphic aspirations.

Chaotic Edge-dwellers

Masters of flux, dwelling on the edges, who thrive at the confluence of order and entropy, your affinity for life’s dynamic rhythms is invaluable. Life artists, fringe philosophers, ontological rebels—your unorthodox perspectives are the compass points that guide us through the swirling Vortex of Chaos. We want to empower you to become architects of new realities.

Neuro-Spicy Alchemists:

If your neural pathways are as diverse as the cosmos itself , and you’re looking to embrace the full spectrum of your inner chaos and recalibrate your nervous system, this is where you align it into a harmonious symphony. Your unique wiring is not just welcomed; it’s the very kaleidoscopic fabric that creates our sails.

Meta-Modern Mystics:

Seekers of the arcane in the everyday, witches, mages, shamans, and druids, who dance through life irreverently mixing and matching belief systems. If you quest for a grounded and pragmatic spirituality that allows for undogmatic fun while deeply profound and you find joy in dissecting models and maps to better understand the elusive territory of Nervous System, Mind, and Magick, our collective quest might be right up your alley.

Balanced Psychonauts:

Explorers of the inner cosmos, wanderers between the realms. If psychedelics* are your starships but you often find yourself ungrounded, the ORMEC mission offers you a map and compass as tools to integrate and anchor your experiences to chart more balanced journeys through your multidimensional minds.

*Using substances is neither required nor encouraged to take this journey.

RAW Recruits

If the Discordian Pope within you seeks more than meme wars, social media trolling, and philosophical musings—if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves, work the magick, and walk the talk—then our collective experimentation can serve as your playful workshop ground to step up and join the new mission of the Erisian Liberation Front or become a Psychedelicious Chonk.

Hail Eris! And Hail OrMeK!

Monks of Chaos

Chaos Magickians willing to dedicate 12 weeks to a collective Quest of Chaos Monastics and Octomancy Research to level up their Great Work as well as Revolutionary Ritualists, Transformative Guides and Intrepid Entrepreneurs seeking expansion of navigational maps and toolboxes to serve others and create in the world, we welcome you as well to join our crew to research, experiment, and share knowlegde, wisdom, and insights on board of our ship.

Each of you, with your unique callings and yearnings, are welcome aboard this journey. Together, we shall sail into the waters of the great chaotic unknown of our collective minds, seeking the knowledge of the sages and the wisdom of the child.

May the Goddess put twinkles in our eyes and send favourable winds for our transformative expedition.

Credit for the drawings of the Chaos Monk with Circuits goes to Moses Cirulis and credit for the other drawings and the flag goes to Cpt. Bucky Saia Sterntänzer.

If you ever wanted to shift some paradigms in your life, this course is probably a good way to start and make some major steps towards your higher goals. It is about structure, chaos and deep transformation. I was blown away by some of the processes especially when it came to making my mind a tresor box for my wishes, honing my thoughts and subconscious so that my needs and wants would be taken care of.

The 8 circuits – which I had never heard of before – are designed to bring the focus to all areas of human body-mind unit, from the very “primitive” basic needs to the very subtle or transpersonal. The secret lies in the order: if you have taken care of the bodily requirements, emotional, mental and social realm, you will all the more be able to tune in to the realms of magick. Thank you, Mariana, from the bottom of my heart for creating this journey and taking us there.

Bettina Semmer

Our Navigation Tools

A Map of the Elusive Territory and an Octomantic Compass

Are you already a Discordian high priest or chaos magick psychonaut? Are you in need of a full system reset?

This is prebuilt ritual space. The quest starts before the first meeting. Go on Walkabout to find a new city. Become a nobody. Complete environment transplant. Start a new important remote job. Take each of the drugs in order. Keep a journal. Do your homework. Don’t explain the ritual to anybody outside. Try to keep pace.

Mariana Pinzon has curated the ideas of Timothy Leary, Robert Anton Wilson, Antero Alli along with her own and others, to form a comprehensive educational course into the 8-Circuit Model of Consciousness. This ritual chaos vortex returns what you put into it.

Are you ready to become a nobody. The homework is designed to open your perception filters, and focus your attention in a holistic way faster than you can do it solo. You will be initiated into the art of chaos magick to create your own rituals. Are you ready to explore and experiment with reality? Do you want some Discordian fun? 5/5!

Hail Eris!

Jamie McGuigan

The Journey

Step one:
The Onboarding Process

Once you have secured your passage on this trip, you can begin to prepare for our adventure at Base Camp. There you can start getting familiar with the course of our expedition, the Ship, the Sages who devised the Map and the Compass, and the Map itself.

We meet after the Equinox on March 24th 19:00 CET (on Zoom) for the first time as a Crew to share our stories and intentions and get as much clarity on how to prepare for a Chaos Monastic Expedition.

Here you can find the full itinerary of our journey and here a deeper dive into the Magick Avatars we will be playing with along our Quest.

Step Two:
The Oath and Setting Sail

After concluding the preparations, we will come together in an opening ceremony to give our Monastic Oaths on March 31st (Easter Sunday).

The fun thing about Meta-Modern Chaos-Monasticism is that each Monk gets to create a structure of practice suited to their current life situation, depending on the level of commitment you want to conjure for this exploration. You will craft your oath and speak it with the Crew as your witness. The more you stick to your oath the more empowered you will come out of this journey.

After we have all taken the oath, we jump on the ship and set sail for our adventures. After this point, there is no turning back, and jumping off board I do not recommend. It’s like a psychedelic trip, once you take the ticket, you commit to the whole ride.

Weeks 1-6:
The Side of Order

During the first few weeks of our expedition, we will explore the territory of our personal psychology and the survival strategies our Central Nervous System has developed in the course of our life creating the Order of standard operations in the the Default Mode Network of our Brain.

We will explore our needs for bio-survival and safety, emotional sovereignty, mental sanity, sensemaking, and needs for belonging and purpose. We will seek an understanding of how our Nervous System developed strategies to meet these needs and what kind of malfunctions prevent us from playing the Game of Life at the level we desire.

We will experiment with different ways to create change in that programming and explore the ways the Red Warrior Magick, the Golden/Yellow Solar Magick, the Orange Mercurial Magick, and the Green Venusian Magick can aid us in our Quest for intelligence increase in physical, emotional, symbolic and social intelligence.

This part of our journey might get stormy and rock some heavy waves, but by the end of this part, we will have set stronger anchors to absorb the shocks of the more chaotic waters of altered states of consciousness.

Week 7 – 12:
The Side of Disorder

We will take a week for integration in some serene waters before we sail into the more tumultuous waters of transpersonal psychology.

The second part of our expedition we dedicate to exploring the territory of Somatic Hedonism (Blue Magick), Neuro-Hacking approach of Chaos Magick (Purple Magick), our Connection to the Cosmic Network (Octarine Magick), and the ephemeral realms of Dreamland, the liminality beyond the Abyss and Radical Transformation (Black Magick).

We will play around with ritual technology to seek states of Ecstasy, Uncertainty, Unity, and Impermanence to deliver intentional shocks to our Nervous System to trigger expansion, growth, and transformation by infusing it with a fresh influx of Disorder.

By honing the windows of Neuroplasticity these experiences provide, we can recalibrate our Programming to seek a new level of functional balance and homeostasis in the Chaos of our Brains.

Side effects might include sparks of playfulness, irreverence, and zest for life, increased charisma, and the inability to contain laughter and continue to take yourself seriously.

Sounds fun right?

This journey with Mariana has been a transformative one. An odyssey full of challenges, treasures, dangers and unexpected events. A magical training in the art of living with chaos and enjoying the waves of change, seizing every blow and every encounter as part of my intention. I enlisted in this crew as a magical pirate to reinvent myself. I learned to let go of the dead and shape my desires and my actions. I ended a relationship of mistreatment and abuse and saw the time approaching to take flight artistically again.

Mariana is an extraordinary magician of the 8 circuits and a wonderful coach who knows how to speak the language of her interlocutor and use the power of imagination and metaphors to materialize their intention and desire in the life of each one. Of all the circuits, C1 and C2 have been the ones that have given me the most work, but with their help I have been able to sustain myself in the process of embracing abandoned memories and areas of myself that are part of my totality.

We are a mystery. We are Chaos. And the beauty of chaoSurfing is to shape the form that our spirit yearns for every step of the way. Knowing that while navigating Chaos it is important to know the course of our heart. And that we are so magical that we can model reality and marvel at that miracle of journey.

Thank you, Mariana! Oh, my captain! My captain!

Orland Verdú

The Captain

My name is Mariana Pinzón, a.k.a. Captn. Mavis.

I love to take unconventional humans and cosmic pirates on deep-dive explorations on the edges of the territory of consciousness to empower them to tap into their magick and increase their balance to surf the Waves of Chaos.

I have a mission to spread the message of ontological anarchy and assist with the playful liberation of consciousness by gathering the edge-dwellers and misfits to empower them to become the agents of change in these wyrd times of epochal transition.

The map and compass I teach here has helped me navigate through some of the most irrational, absurd, and chaotic experiences of my life and piece myself back together after a full reality collapse. Also because I love the humor of the wacky sages behind these fringe maps.

Foto Credit @Maximiliane Wittek Foto*Grafik 2021

Foto Credit @Maximiliane Wittek Foto*Grafik 2021

What about my credentials as a guide?

I’ve earned and learned the ins and outs of this map of consciousness by applying it in the middle of Wave after Wave of Chaos hitting my life. It helped me keep an anchor of sanity and humor while I was traveling through my underworld.

I have practiced group magick with the IOT for the last 6 years and I’ve played in some pretty wild game-worlds, like politics, drug liberation, and medical cannabis entrepreneurship. But I also have some shiny documents of institutional authority to show, if you value those to build trust.

I have an ICF-accredited diploma in Transformative Coaching by Animas Center for Coaching, and a Magister Artium university degree in Philosophy, Comparative Religion, and Political Science, a diploma in Positive Psychology, and about 20 years of experience leading group work in different settings: university, politics, activism, and in the past 5 years in transformative spaces.

Testimonial from the 2021 Expedition

So what’s included?


Exploring with peers often enhances our learning experience, as we keep accountable and receive more reflections and inspiration from one another accelerating our growth.

  • Community Deck on a Discord server to gather, connect, reflect, and share results, insights or resources and receive feedback.
  • 12 x weekly Monastic Mastermind Calls Sundays (on Zoom 7pm – 9.30pm CET) – For meditating, sharing, reflecting, group coaching and rituals.

Ongoing Learning

With your passage on this expedition, you receive access to our online study platform so you can return anytime and continue to work and experiment with this material as it evolves.

  • Evergreen Access to the “Balanced Psychonautics Quest
  • 8 Circuits, 8 Colors = 8 Modules with 5 pre-recorded video units each
  • 8 Quest Scrolls with tips, tools, and challenges, meditations and rituals to explore the territory of each circuit.
  • Accessible in English and German

Guided Support

In this journey, you are never alone! You will be supported along your path of transformation. Depending on your ticket you will receive different levels of support for your Quest from our ChaoService Agents.

This class takes you on a magickal journey through the various aspects of our consciousness and encourages healthy ways to improve mental flexibility, personal resilience, mental focus, and magickal aptitude. Whether you enter the class believing in magick or not, this class will not leave you unchanged. You may enter with a pre-existing set of practices or with none, but you will exit with a better understanding of your true will, and the ability to act upon it.

Moses Cirulis – Artist

Your Investment

Every legendary expedition, be it hunting for buried treasure or charting the elusive paths of the inner realms, demands a hearty investment of time and a coin.

Your precious coins will do more than keep the ship afloat and the crew on course. Nay, they fuel the funds for a grander mission, a quest for a physical Chaos Monastery.


Set your clocks to Discordian Standard Time, where every moment spent is an investment in your metamorphosis! This isn’t just a journey across the eight seas of Chaos, but a 12-week odyssey into the uncharted waters of your psyche, where the treasure isn’t gold or jewels, but the priceless gems of wisdom and transformation you’ll unearth within.

Time, ye see, is the currency of magicians and pirates alike. The more ye invest in tinkering with the experiments and mingling with your fellow buccaneers, the richer the bounty ye’ll haul from the depths of your psyche!


Your coin doesn’t just buy you a spot on this enchanted ship and this Lunatic Lifeboat Crew. It is the skin you put in the Game.

In this magickal marketplace, your coins do a curious dance, transforming into the most potent of spells. Think of your investment as an incantation, conjuring a whirlwind of growth and expansion. It’s not just a journey; it’s a spellbinding adventure where your coin investment turns into a different kind of treasure.

Tickets for this journey range from 230-2300 Euro depending on the level of support you wish to receive.

Pricing includes MwSt/VAT as a tribute to the German Fiscal Authorities.

*Can´t meet me at that price point? Talk to me and reveal your magick number. We might find a fitting exchange striking a barter.

Buy Mariana’s medicine. Give her your holy fucking Money.

Annie Xo, We Know How To Party

The Monk Ticket

We have EIGHT Monk tickets available.

These eight pirates are invited to participate as Chaos Monks to do The Great Work mostly in solitude, but as part of the Crew.

Time investment: > 2-3 hrs/week

Jumping on board as Monk requires that you can hold your ground navigating chaotic waters since you will venture mostly on your own during this quest.

Having experience with magick in some way is a pre-requisite for joining on this ticket. Exceptions can be made for the very bold explorers. If you do not have this but wish to get started, we recommend that you take “The Balanced Psychonautics Quest” in your own time first or you book a Master Ticket for this journey.

This ticket offers the opportunity for Magick practitioners to join us in the exercise of Chaos Monastics, increasing their commitment to The Great Work and partaking in the currents of Chaos the Captain conjures and navigates us through.

The Package:

  • Participation in the opening and closing ceremonies as well as the Oath giving Ceremony
    (3x 2,5 hrs on Zoom)
  • Access to the community and crew spaces on Deck (Discord server) with a resource hub and space and to exchange thoughts and reports with the current crew and past crews
  • Access to “The Balanced Psychonautics Quest”
    • 8 Quest Levels (8 Circuits/8 Colors)
    • 5 Video Transmissions per Level
    • 8 Quest-Scrolls to play with
    • Meditations and further material

Coaching Sessions and System Check Interviews can be booked additionally.


We have EIGHT Master tickets available.

These eight pirates are ready to increase their Navigational Mastery and exchange insights with a gathering of brilliant minds.

Time: > 5hrs/week

This ticket is perfect for those who have an eagerness to explore this territory in-depth and to geek around with the map and the compass.

Are you ready to make deeper bonds with the crew and face the mirrors and dynamics that arise in a gathering of brilliant and eccentric minds?

This ticket offers space to share and reflect, explore intimacy with peers and with the Captain via voice-message support. Here you can receive heartfelt feedback, and engage in group ritual workings.

You will commit to showing up to the weekly calls and the practice structure and commitment you vow to.

The Package:

  • 12 x Monastic Master Mind Group Sessions
    (2,5 hrs on Zoom)
  • Voice-message support to receive reflections, inspiration for rituals, bouncing ideas, etc.
  • Access to “The Balanced Psychonautics Quest”
    • 8 Quest Levels (8 Circuits/8 Colors)
    • 5 Video Transmissions per Level
    • 8 Quest-Scrolls to play with
    • Meditations and further material
  • Access to the community and crew spaces on Deck (Discord server) with a resource hub and space and to exchange thoughts and reports with the current crew and past crews.

Coaching Sessions and System Check Interviews can be booked additionally.


We have FIVE Magickian tickets available.

These five pirates are ready to go all in and work closely with the Captain to achieve a full metamorphosis or system reset.

Time: >8 hrs/Week

This ticket is our deepest journey and it supports you to:

– Create deep and lasting change
– Re-invent yourself
– Craft a new path
– Overhaul your reality tunnel
– Do deep-level system reprogramming,

This ticket requires a dedicated traveler and one who is ready to commit to their growth.

As this is the most tailored journey, you start your journey with a 1-1 deep-dive interview to assess where you are at and where you want to get out of this quest.

You will be supported with voice messages and 1:1 sessions. You get to keep close contact with the captain as much as you need and want. At the end of the exploration, you will have an in-depth System Check- Out to map all the progress you made.

The Package:

  • 8 x 90 min 1:1 Coaching Sessions
    (You can book them at your best convenience, but they have to be taken until the next Equinox)
  • 2 x 2-3 hour System-Check Interviews (Here we do an in-depth assessment of where you are at in each circuit so you and I both have a good idea, of where you need to focus the work. This way I can best guide you to your treasures. At the end of the coaching package we assess again, so you can fully map your transformation)
  • 12 x Monastic Master Mind Group Sessions
    (2,5 hrs on Zoom)
  • Unlimited voice-message support to receive reflections, inspiration for rituals, bouncing ideas, etc.
  • Access to “The Balanced Psychonautics Quest”
    • 8 Quest Levels (8 Circuits/8 Colors)
    • 5 Video Transmissions per Level
    • 8 Quest-Scrolls
    • Meditations and further material
  • Access to the community and crew spaces on Deck (Discord server) with a resource hub and space and to exchange thoughts and reports with the current crew and past crews.

Questions and Answers

Wtf is Chaos Monastics?

This term might be new to you, but no worries. You do not have to commit to an order, a cult or any belief system! You rather get to play with any belief system you fancy. No celibacy required either *wink*.

Chaos Monastics is a practice proposed by Peter Carroll, where magicians dedicate a specific amount of time to do more intense and structured magical practice and journey within, while still being part of the everyday world. Steve Dee also recently published a book “Chaos Monks” describing more in depth how to combine the individualistic path of the chaotes with a monastic regime.

This practice has the aim to increase our commitment to the Great Work of Magick, improve our skills, or work on a greater magical project that requires more attention.

You can do this out of the comfort or discomfort of your own home or even while traveling. The world is your monastery, your playground for experimentation. In fact for some of these experiments, you will have to leave your hermits cave and go peopleling.

Joining a monastery usually has a few benefits: a community and social structure that supports the rigor of the spiritual pursuit while reclusion from the everyday world limits distractions.

We will attempt something different. We gather as a virtual/astral community dedicating ourselves for 12 weeks from Equinox to Solstice to more intentional magical practice supporting each other to go deeper with our workings and experiments.

Each of us creates an individual practice structure for ourselves and puts it on to a monastic oath to be spoken in front of the Crew. The more you commit to this practice and stick to your oath, the more empowered you will come out of this journey. The consequences of breaking your oath you have to deal with your own Inner Authority. Not even the Captain may hold you accountable here.

This is not your grandma’s spiritual program or your typical New Age fluff. The inspiration for this program comes from the discordian fringes and my own obsession to build a Chaos Monastery somewhere and live a life dedicated to the mysteries of Chaos.

No worries though, you do not need to be a full-fledged chaos magician to benefit from this practice and this expedition. This program can be an initation into Chaos Magick. Monasticism is basically about the intensity of commitment you want to explore your own territory with.

But be mindful: You buy the ticket and get on the ship, you need to stick out the trip.

No backsies.

What you mean by Octomancy?

Hard to define as it is an explorative edge for me as well.

With this word I mean the art of exploring mind, consciousness, nervous system programming, neuro hacking, and using magick to alter our experience of reality by navigating with a Map and a Compass.

The Map we use is based on the 8 Circuits of Conscioussness by Timothy Leary, as presented by Robert Anton Wilson in his book “Prometheus Rising” and Antero Alli in his books “Angel Tech” and “The 8 Circuit Brain” and given a twist on my own.

The aim of the Game on this Expedition is to download this map for your navigational use and adapt it to your needs based on the direct experience of the experiments we conduct on this journey.

We craft the Compass by merging this Map with the 8 Colored System of Magick presented by Peter Carroll.

I have assigned a Color of Magick for each Circuit as an approach to do the work of recalibrating each circuit to find the perfect balance to Surf the Waves of Chaos. Your personal color assignments may vary. You can craft the compass differently to what I will present, and make it work for you.

As we progress through the map, I will conjure each of the according colors, infusing our journey with an influx of the magical quality of each color.

Once you make these tools your own, they can serve you to assess where you are out of balance and with what kind of magicks you can work to regain a functioning balance. It can serve you as a tool for the integration of psychedelic experiences or wyrd and woo woo encounters.

What you mean by Neuro-Hacking?

For me Chaos Magick is a method of Neuro-Hacking. With Neuro-Hacking I mean tampering with the configuration of your Central Nervous Sytems. This can be done by defusing mal-adaptive programs, unlearning and re-learning, de-conditioning and re-conditioning and by changing the basic imprints.

This can be done with an understanding of how the nervous system programs developed, what needs they are trying to meet and apply different tools and hacks to shift the strategy for meeting these needs.

You can approach Neuro-Hacking from a Neuro-Science perspective, playing around with your Neuro-Transmitter Balance through supplements, diet, exercise, meditation and breathwork. Or you can enhance your attempts to meta-program with Magick.

Using altered states of consciousness, either using whatever psycho-spiritual techniques or consciousness-altering substances, opens a window of neuroplasticity, that allows the self-aware meta-programmer to hack in new information/codes into the subconscious programs and to make a conscious effort to reprogramme conditioned neuro-pathways.

I approach Chaos Magick mostly with the psychological and information model of Magick, which I find attunes most to agnostic explorers with skeptical minds such as myself.

From this perspective, I acknowledge that my reality experience is mediated by the configuration of my Central Nervous System and any attempt at changing my experience of Reality, will have to include some reprogramming of the filters of perception that have become the main Modus Operandi of my Brain.

Chaos Magick offers me a pragmatic, creative and fun approach at experimenting with any given technology to alter filters of perception, states of consciousness or Nervous System Programs to improve the User Experience at the Game of Life on Terra and attune to the cosmic dance.

It can involve as much Woo Woo as you want it to involve. It can be done with or without the use of mind-altering substances.

Do I need experience with Magick for this?

This journey can be taken as an initiation into Chaos Magick.

If you are a total Noob or never heard of Chaos Magick before, I recommend you take a ticket with more guided support though, as this is not merely a course, but a magickal expedition and I will be conjuring out of the Chaos Vortex to enhance the trip.

If you are courageous enough you can jump on the Monk ticket even without extensive previous experiences, but things might get unexpectedly wyrd and if you have little experience navigating that, you might be in for an overwhelming ride. If this feels too daunting, just take “The Balanced Psychonautics Quest” on your own time and come back to this later.

If you have already started dabbling with magick, this program will serve as accelerator in either of the ticket tiers.

A seasoned magickian might still benefit from joining the egregor of the Chaos Monk Network to intensify their magical practice and apptitude through dedication. And you will still learn a ton about using this model.

Do I need experience with Psychedelics for this?

No. You can benefit from this journey even if you have never tried psychedelics before. For this journey to make sense, you need at least experience in ritual practice, magick or spiritual work though.

During this expedition, I encourage you to not take any psychedelic trips since we want to explore the natural sensitivity of the nervous system using rituals, meditations and other challenges. Any experiments with substances you do under your own responsability.

Are there Payment Plans?

Yes. We do appreciate upfront investments but, since we are surfing chaos, we appreciate flexibility as well and have the option for 3-5 installments to be paid until the end of the expedition. Making the full investment before the expedition starts, unlocks a power of its own though.

If you cannot meet me at my magick numbers, you can tell me yours. I might or might not go for it.

Are there Scholarships available?

Well, we journey on a ship and we act as scholars… but we do not have free rides. But we have one spot as Quarter Master available for a reduced ticket and we can strike barter deals if you cannot pay in coin.

ChaoSurfing has a few needs to develop the next levels of Quest: Programmers, Marketers, Designers, Illustrators, Storytellers. In anyway, you still need to put some skin in the game, but we can talk about the number.

The Quarter Master has the job of technical support on the Monastic Master Mind Zoom calls, supporting the Crew on Discord and sending reminders for the gatherings to the rest of the Crew in exchange for a reduced ticket.

How do I know which ticket is right for me?

The best way to figure this out is on the onboarding call with the captain. But here are some pointers:

If you find yourself on the Autism spectrum and the idea of participating in Group Zoom calls feels terrifying, but you are up for participating in the discord forums, and you have a bit of experience with magick practice, the Monk ticket might be your best bet.

If you enjoy talking to others and engaging in group work, really want to geek out with fellow cartographers, and deepen your experience through group ritual, the master ticket is your best bet.

If you want to deep metaprogramming work and could use a deep mirroring guide to do so and you are ready to go all in on this expedition, the Magicikian Ticket is for you.

Why would this not be suitable for me?

You have absolutely no clue of what we have talked about in this page.

You cannot absorb long-form content.

You think believing in magick is stupid or believe practicing magick is the devil’s work.

You are comfortable where you are or afraid of change.

Your skeptical mind is so in charge, that you would be just nagging at everything presented in this journey.

How does this work with my flavour of Neuro-Spicy?

On the ADHD side of life:

The video transmissions are pre-recorded and evergreen, so you can take them in on your own pace, watch them, and listen to them in whichever way it is easier for your system to absorb information. You can even binge-watch the content ahead of departure time if you sign up early.

Also, you can download the PDF with the lecture slides and flick through them before or after taking in the videos to prime your brain with what to expect or decide if you have the bandwith to take that content in.

Some of the videos are just 20-30 min long, some up to 90 min.

If you cannot bring enough attention to the lectures, you still get a decent bang for your buck by just reading the Quest Scrolls, and experimenting with the Quest Items, and participating on Discord/Zoom.

The monastic oath will give you a self-determined structure to work with and the whole journey a better understanding on how to play with structure to support your flow of Chaos.

On the Autism side of Life:

The content is neatly structured in 2 sides, 8 units with 5 chapters each, making it easier to absorb.
You can avoid the Zoom Calls if that feels too daunting and just hop on board on a Monk Ticket and put more of your time into interacting on Discord to make the most of your ride. You can also change voice message support for text message support.

On the BPD side of life:

We recognize you have your highs and lows and that you might not want to come on deck to play with the rest at times. I recommend a Master Ticket, so you can get additional support by the Captain in a more intimate setting to help you stay on course or catch up.

Is this Queerfriendly ?

Yes. Even though this journey does not have gender topics as a main focus, we embrace Queerness as part of the Kaleidoscopic Expression of Diversity of neuro-wiring. We own the awareness that on the Neuro-Spicy side of life we love to move with nuance when choosing identities and binary polarities often don´t do justice to our experience.

The captain also makes an effort to use the chosen pronouns and make the space welcoming for all genders.

But be aware: part of the journey will challenge you to lose the grip of identities, especially if they limit your growth.

What is new the Mission of the Erisian Liberation Front?

The new ELF mission consists of Playful Liberation of Consciousness.

We want to support as many of our fringe edge-dwellers to achieve higher levels of cognitive freedom, undo maladaptive auto-pilot programming, and empower them to joyfully and playfully move around Playground Earth as Agents of Change, releasing any kind of Victim Narrative of not fitting in the System, because we believe, you are meant to create a new system to make this Greyface shitshow of dystopian nightmare obsolete.

What is the Backround Story of the ORMEC flag ?

Once Upon a Time…

A bunch of messy german Discordians were pondering where to get the motivation to clean up their constantly entropy-prone place.

They decided to create a servitor with the ability to shift disorder into order and order into disorder. They called him OrMeK : Ordne Meinen Kram (order my stuff).

This servitor became very popular in our network and he evolved into an egregor with the capacity not only to shift entropy, but also to store it and dump it somewhere else, where it might be needed. You know, those places that suffocate creativity because bureaucracy and law and order have gone to an extreme.

The mission of the Pippilotta sails under the Flag of an Erisian Cabal, the EKNP (Erisian Kaos Ninja Pirates), who were very fond of working with OrMeK on different magical missions. Our mission has the aim as well to master the Balance between Order and Disorder staying on the creative side.

What do you mean with Balance of Order and Disorder?

Many folks out there think that CHAOS is the polar opposite of ORDER. Discordian philosophy invites us to a paradigm shift here and it is our mission to spread this.

CHAOS contains everything, it is the RAW force of Creation. Within Chaos, from the perception level, we can see ORDER and DISORDER as polar opposites. Neither of them is good or bad. ORDER can be creative or destructive, DISORDER can be creative or destructive. Creation and destruction we both need to keep the Harmony of everchanging life. Sometimes structures need to be destroyed so that new creations can emerge.

When we look at the territory through the lens of a map, some Chaos appears ordered and some disordered. Use another map and the same Chaos will appear differently disordered and differently ordered.

Tired of having a label of disorder for your flavor of neuro-spicy wiring? Take a look at yourself through this map and enjoy the beauty of your intricate order!

What is the path of the Psychedelicious Chonk?

In a little discordian cabal I am part of: The Ordo Dea Discordia (ODD) we call chaos monks Chonks and chaos nuns Chuns.

This monastic order dedicates itself to openly living the path of chaos and living their own madness and as such be wandering poster-boys of Chaos. This chaotemplative life has some drawbacks as it becomes more difficult to blend into mainstream society, but that is the only price we pay. We aim to live a life attuned to the flow of Chao.

This monastic order has 5 paths, one of them is the path of the Psychedelicious Chonk.

Followers of the non-prophet Sry Syadasti, these monks practice playing with different states of consciousness, to mold their own psychology in such a way, that they can enjoy whatever outer circumstances they may face. Chonks and Chuns on this path aim to reach a state of radical indifference, which might not yield an objective but at least a dispassionate-jovial perspective on the world, bringing them closer to an understanding of Chaos.

This adventure serves as an initiation into this path, if you want it to.

Courage is the key to creativity and to any relinquishing of ego structure.

Timothy Leary, Your Brain Is God

Holy smokes and golden apples!
Just sign up!

If you have read so far and this has tickeled your excitement and lust for adventure or deep desire for transformation, you might as well just take a heartfelt bite out of the golden apple and sign up!

I boarded the ship scantily understanding what I was up to and woah, that was a delightful voyage.

In my life, I was waiting for some kind of permission to do “happening” of my life and during the trip, it clicked that the only permission I need is from myself.

In the final shores, I have realized that I can and am giving myself permission to be. The crew we sailed together was sublime – I have learned scads of wise thoughts.

Highly recommended for any Central Nervous System that clings to a structure to delve into Chaos and knowledge, tools, and practical experience to navigate stormy seas.


Previous Crew Member

Liebe Mavis, von Herzen möchte ich mich für die Reise auf der Pippilotta bedanken. Ich bin ohne große Erwartungen an Bord gegangen und habe nicht erwartet, daß diese Reise so großartig wird .Diese Erfahrung hat mich, sowohl von meiner Persönlichen Entwicklung als auch magisch, auf den nächsten Level gehoben. Womit ich bei einem Chaosmagischen Workshop auch nicht gerecht habe, ist die Ordnung und Struktur,welche sich mir erschlossen hat und die mich in in eine innere Balance gebracht hat, nach der ich, ohne es zu Wissen, auf der Suche war. Als Sahnehäubchen habe ich tolle Menschen kennengelernt und bin auch nach der Reise noch sehr verbunden, was mein Leben bereichert und neue Abenteuer nach sich zieht. Von Herzen kann ich eine Reise auf der Pippilotta empfehlen, die Welt sieht dannach anders aus und einfach magisch…..

Haga Wild


Hmm wo fang ich an? Am besten am Anfang. Soll ich ehrlich sein?

Ich denke ja. Nun ich bin zu diesem Kurs gekommen weil ich einfach furchtbar neugierig bin und wissen wollte um was für einen Kurs es sich denn da nun handelt. Natürlich kennt man diese Kurse wo einem viel versprochen wird und am ende kommt nicht viel bei rum. Kennen wir alle.

Mit diesem Mindset bin ich also in die ganze Geschichte eingestiegen. Was solls was soll passieren im schlimmsten fall verliere ich ein wenig Geld, im besten Fall hab ich spaß dachte ich mir.

Ehe ich mich versah war ich also ein Teil dieser Geschichte von der ich zu diesem Zeitpunkt noch gar nicht wusste was mich genau erwartet. Natürlich konnte ich mich schon etwas informieren. Aha es geht also um Leary und Wilson und Alli und Schaltkreise und Reprogramierung des Mindsets und so. klingt ja erstmal interessant (war es dann spätestens beim schauen der Videos dazu auch).

Also Ticket gebucht und abwarten was so passiert. Dann gings los. Ich will hier nicht zuviel verraten weil das den individuellen Spaß doch arg schmälern kann aber dich, lieber Reisender, erwartet ein abenteuerlicher Trip in die tiefen deines eigenen Selbst. Eine abenteuerliche Reise auf einem magischen Schiff in die stürmischen Gewässer deiner Seele.

Doch wir fürchteten uns nicht vor all den Kraken und Monstern und Gremlins und Bananenwerfenden Affen. Nein unsere kompetente und liebevolle Kapitänin Mavis verstand es vorzüglich uns durch jede Untiefe auf dem Weg zu manövrieren und auch wenn das Schiff im Sturm mal zu kentern drohte war sie immer bereit uns mit rat und tat zur Seite zu stehen wo immer sie konnte. So segelten wir auf unserer Kaperfahrt durch die unruhigen gefilde unseres Bewusstseins auf der Suche nach einzigartigen Schätzen und Kostbarkeiten.

So segelten wir von einer Insel unseres Bewusstseins zur nächsten und es galt auf jeder von ihnen sich seiner persönlichen Quest zu stellen. Nicht als Pflicht oder aus Pflichtgefühl sondern Freiwillig und voller Spaß. Auch hier möchte ich nicht zuviel verraten.

Diese lange und besondere Reise schweißte auch die Crew unseres Schiffes auf eine ganz besondere Weise zusammen so das ich am Ende nur sagen kann, es war eine wundervolle Reise aber jede Reise muß einmal ein Ende haben und ich habe auf dieser Kaperfahrt Schätze gefunden und mitgebracht von denen ich selbst nichtmal wusste das ich sie haben möchte.

Alles in allem kann ich sagen, dass dieser Kurs mein Leben bereichert hat und mir den Mut, die Kraft und das Wissen vermittelt hat um auch in Zukunft weiter auf die Suche nach meinen persönlichen Schätzen zu gehen.

Ein ganz besonderer Dank geht hier nocheinmal an unsere Kapitänin Mavis die mit Kompetenz, Weitsicht und Humor unsere Reise begleitete und uns alle sicher wieder zum heimatlichen Hafen brachte.

Bucky Stardancer

Discordian Chaos Magician

I was part of the Balanced Psychonautics Crew 2021. At that time I was in uncoupling-struggles and I felt extremely supported by the intelligent way Mariana coached me throw the probably most difficult intimate relationship-issue at that moment. They helped me to understand and name my trauma reactions. I felt empowered and generously supported.

Thanks to the 8-Circuit-Brain Journey and the methods that we researched along with, I was offered to investigate into the perspective, that Chaos has the potential for a more magic and mysterious life. Who would not want that!

Frauke Spannenberg

Die 8 Circuit Brain Quest war eine aufregende Reise mit vielen interessanten Wendungen und Turbulenzen, aber sicher und feinfühlig begleitet von Mariana. Sie hat eine Gabe für tiefes Eintauchen in die Psyche. Sie hat mir in verschiedenen Fragen geholfen, die Balance und den Ausweg zu finden. Viele Ideen und Manifestationen habe ich mit Ihrer Hilfe erfolgreich umgesetzt. Sie nimmt sich wirklich die Zeit und die Energie, damit Jeder bekommt, was er sich vorgestellt hat. Sie macht am Anfang die komplette Analyse und am Ende. Ich habe an mir gemerkt, wie weit ich mit meinem Bewusstsein verändert habe und transformiert habe.

Ich habe die ganze Zeit ihre Präsenz als guten Anker und sicheren Hafen wahrgenommen. Man bekommt in diesem Programm sehr viele Ideen und Werkzeuge gezeigt, wie man eigenes Unterbewusstsein erreicht und mit sich selbst verbindet. 
Viele praxisnahe Übungen und Rituale lernte ich kennen. Es war eine sehr transformative Reise, die immer noch weitergeht und bei mir auch weitergehen darf. 
Mariana ist ein sehr sicherer Coach und beherrscht sehr gut Chaosmanagement.

Hisghe Krause-Jens

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