Coaching for psychonauts, visionary solar-punks & chaotic edge-dwellers

Mariana Pinzón (2021) Foto by Maximiliane Wittek

I offer space for psychonauts to integrate challenging experiences and to go on a balanced journey of self-discovery.

I support solar-punk visionaries to ground themselves, play with creative order and disorder and embody the change they want to see in the world.

I lovingly assist chaotic edge-dwellers to balance out order and disorder within themselves to increase response-ability to surf the waves of Chaos and authentically walk their own path.

I offer my service to those who want to act as game-changers towards a regenerative renaissance building bridges at the edges of the decaying capitalist system to a solar punk future.

And to all who wish to harness the power of Chaos through a personal crisis to reinvent themselves and be of service to the collective.

Know Thyself.
Reclaim your existence!

How can my system serve yours?

We live in times of accelerated change and rising uncertainty. This shifting territory can feel challenging to navigate. The polarization and fragmentation of our societies gives rise to many irritations and the response to the pandemic taxes our nerves. But opportunities for radical change to higher states of functioning during times of chaos increase dramatically as well.

You experience Chaos in your life, you feel overwhelmed with navigating uncertainty and you know that you need to regain balance to start walking new paths or creating your own?

I will lovingly assist you to regulate your nervous system, hold space to face the storm of your emotions, support you to calm and order your thoughts to make empowered decisions and authentically walk your own path.

You have been dreaming up projects that will aid the regenerative renaissance, you struggle with managing the possibilities and materializing your ideas because of the chaos in your head or lack of grounding but you know that now is the time to take decisive action?

I can support you to ground and embody the change you want to see in the world. I can assist you in creating order in your thoughts, mapping out your project, unpacking your resistance to take empowered action and lead the way to a solar punk future.

You have been chasing peak experience after peak experience exploring the limits of consciousness, doing tons of workshops, you still feel unbalanced, can’t satisfy that itch and you know you need to do the deeper personal work of integration to get the gold out of all that expanding?

I offer you space and companionship to go deeper, integrate and create new order in your system.

You feel stuck in the inner or outer structures of your life and are looking to create change for yourself to feel more alive and creative?

I can serve a catalyst for change and a companion for your process of transformation.

The map is not the territory.

The 8 Circuit Brain Model as a map informs the work I do to help you navigate the shifting territory or your process of transformation and get you surfing the waves of Chaos.

Find out more about me and how the state of my system can be of service to you. If you want to dive deeper into the map and the paradigms I play with, check out my chaosophy section. To read my newest musings check out my blog in the Vortex.

If you want to get to know me in person, come to one of my events.

I align my work with the core values of: Liberation, Love, Playfulness, Balance and Rapid Evolution.

I choose to believe, that as a species we need to rapidly evolve to bring forth regenerative ways to relate to each other, the land and our world and take up stewardship of this Mothership Earth to not transform this beautiful playground into a wasteland under technocratic control. I choose to be in service of rapid evolution. The alternative to this would need a revolution.

Play with me!