Base Camp

Are you ready to begin your next adventure, consciousness pirate?

You are hereby invited to embark on an unparalleled journey across the multidimensional landscapes of consciousness with the Balanced Psychonautics Quest.

This fantastical, online adventure is not for the faint of heart—it’s a call to the curious, the courageous, and the surfers of Chaos.

On this page you’ll a FREE gateway to the Quest, so you may muse and peruse at your own pace.

Here at Base Camp, you can take the first steps in our journey across the 8 seas of Chaos along the 8 circuits of consciousness map, where five pivotal videos serve as the prologue to your epic quest.

1) Welcome to your Adventure!

Greetings, Cosmic Pirates!

Ready for a mind-altering ride? 

Our journey begins with a spark of curiosity and a leap into the cosmic maze.

2) The Thinkers

Discover more about the brilliant minds that charted the territories of the 8 Circuits of Consciousness Model.

From Leary’s theoretical frameworks to Wilson’s semantic wizardry and Alli’s ritualistic depth, this video offers a glimpse into the diverse approaches that shape our understanding of the psyche

Join me as I unveil the way we can use the wisdom of these sages to explore our minds and consciousness, laying the groundwork for a journey that transcends the ordinary.

3) The Map and the Compass

The 8 Circuits of Consciousness Model serves as our map and compass, and combined with the 8 Colors of Chaos it turns into a navigational compass, guiding us through the internal landscapes of the mind.

Basecamp 3 illuminates the model’s potential to chart our course through consciousness, helping us understand where we are, where we’re headed, and how to navigate the terrain with wisdom and insight calling upon the different colored qualities of Magick to improve our navigational strategies.

Let yourself be guided through the delights of this map, and how we can use it as compass for growth, discovery and play.

4) The Balance to Surf Chaos

Dive deeper into the concepts of Shocks and Anchors as introduced by Antero Alli, and learn how they can serve as vital tools for deep introspection, self-awareness and growth.

This video explores the delicate art of maintaining balance between Order and Disorder amidst the swirling Chaos of existence, offering strategies to remain anchored even as we embrace the transformative potential of shock.

5) Chaos Magick Rituals 101

The Quests ahead invites you to play with ritual technology Chaos Magick style.

If you are new to this meta-paradigm of Magick, this video will give you a quick intro in how to approach rituals as tools for creating change in consciousness.

Basecamp 5 serves as an introduction to creating rituals across various categories, spaces and places in your life, demonstrating how these practices can become potent tools for personal transformation, enchantment, illumination, and navigating the magical seas of consciousness.

The Solo Quest

Ready to Get started on the trail of the Balanced Psychonautics Quest?

Our journey is more than a series of videos—it’s an invitation to play with the technologies of Magick, Metaprogramming and Brain Change.

Along with some inspiring content on each of the Circuits and Colors to make your own assessments about where you stand on the Map and where you might need to go in order to level up, the Quest Scrolls offer you a vast array of Items to play with and gain direct experience to charted into your own version of the Map.

For those drawn to the mystical, the psychedelic, the neurospicy navigatory tools, and the gamers at heart, this quest promises a fusion of knowledge, experience, and adventure like no other.

Your path to radical self-understanding and cosmic playfulness starts here.

You can enter the trail on your own and go through it your own time.

Are you ready to answer the call?

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Five tons of flax,
Your Agent of Change, Mavis

The Group Quest

The Map of the 8 Territories