The Lover

Introducing Circuit 4 Social Navigation Avatar:

The Lover

The Lover

Once we enter the realms of social navigation, things get a little bit more complex. How well we do on the social parkett, depends on how well we have integrated the lessons of the previous Circuits.

This Avatar brings in potent magick to craft our social navigation compass grounded in an open heart and a set of values. It presides over the realms of intimacy, sexulality, belonging, ethical living, and authentic loving.

Role in your Quest

This enchanting guide offers us insights into the alchemy of relationships, and the power of love to transform the social world around us, as well as aid in our quest to find our value compass and use empathy to dance around the rules of engagement in different social game worlds.

It will support you with opening your heart, creating value-based connections, and creating relationships that nurture your heart and serve as a vehicle for evolution.

This Avatar nourishes our capacity for compassion and empathy and guides us to understand who we are in the world, what purpose we might find in contributing to the collective, and how we connect with others.

The Circuit 4

This level of the system is concerned with social navigation, relating, mating, and sexual expression, as well as morals or ethics. The need for this part of the system is to belong to a tribe and to contribute to the collective.

It modulates our capacity for empathy and compassion as well as complex decision-making based on our sense of social responsibility and our roles in the adulting games.

The programming in this part of the brain develops through the hormonal rearrangement of the brain throughout puberty and into the mid-20s and refocuses much of the efforts towards mating games and finding a suitable partner for domestication games. At this level, we develop our social personalities, identities, and strategies for navigating social connections to answer the question of “who am I in the world?”

Development in this area leads to a sovereign adult taking responsibility for their life situation and being able to contribute to the well-being of the collective.

This Circuit holds the codes for our civilization programs and cultural memes.

The Features

  1. Regulates Belonging: The Lover weaves the threads of connection within us, creating a network of loving relations and reminding us of our intrinsic need to belong and contribute to the collective.
  2. Master of Intimacy: With a gentle hand this Avatar teaches us to drop our masks and fixed identities, dare to show up in vulnerability unafraid of judgment, and encounter others with an open heart so we can enjoy the magick of authentic intimacy.
  3. Balances Values: Shifting at the crossroads of morals and ethics, The Lover guides us in forming our personal code of ethics to develop a conscience and find those who resonate with our values.
  4. Connection Strategy: Through the wisdom of The Lover, we learn to navigate the complex social landscapes with grace, fostering interdependent relationships and building intentional tribes that resonate with our core values and utopian aspirations.

Empowerment through Green Magick:

Green Magick, the lifeblood of The Lover’s domain, infuses your journey with the energies of love, healing, and nature’s gifts. It’s the alchemical force that opens hearts, heals wounds, and connects us to the Earth and each other in profound and transformative ways! 

Aided by the healing power of Green Magick, we can discover the unique flavor of medicine that resides in our hearts and that we are meant to share with the world.

It connects us to the frequency of healing herbs and natural remedies, showing us that we are children of the Earth and she offers us all we need for our healing.

The Lover’s Call:

When The Lover calls she brings an invitation for us to tap into the vibrant energy of Green Magick and crack our hearts wide open, so we can connect to others out of a place of love, compassion, and kindness.

To walk with The Lover means doing the work to liberate yourself from moral judgment and societal conditioning, figure out your own path, and let your heart and your value compass guide you to find the others with whom you can form authentic bonds and communities.

By mastering the lessons of The Lover, you unlock the ability to navigate the social world with empathy, to express your sexuality freely, and to engage in relationships that are rooted in true intimacy and shared values.

Are you ready to walk with the lover to open your heart, release your attachment to the hermit, find your tribe, and source the medicine you came here to share with the world?