The Mapmaker

Introducing Circuit 3 Map- and Sensemaking Avatar:

The Mapmaker

The Mapmaker

Most worthwhile adventures of consciousness explorations on Terra start with a map, so we can make some sense of the territory we might explore. At lest after the deep dive, we love to consult maps, to make sense in hindsight.

The Mapmaker shows us how to channel the Orange Magick to sharpen the sword of our mind, ramp up our wits, gain conceptual clarity, and increase mental agility so we might craft our own maps and navigate on our terms.

Role in Your Quest:

This Avatar offers the tools to master the art of paradigm-shifting, symbol system manipulation, and making logic your bitch.
In our Quest for consciousness exploration this guide supports us in chartering the territory, creating coherence of our experience, and upgrading our thoughtware to adjust our filters of perception.

The Circuit 3

This circuit, related to the left neo-cortex, is where the dance of duality and the dance between logic and narrative unfolds; where symbols, categories, and stories create coherence in our daily experience.

It gives access to such features as toolmaking, problem-solving, pattern recognition, distinction-making, logical taxonomies, and complex symbol systems to create meaning. It usually gets imprinted through the educational system and the stories our caregivers tell us.

This part of our system often will think itself the master supreme, as much of our experience gets mediated through visual stimulus and the labels we deal out to the objects in the world. It often suppresses the signals from the previous circuits, deeming them irrational.

It caters to our needs for sanity, predictive analysis, and coherence so it will often whore us out to the narrative that makes the most sense and select the evidence that fits best with our maps and stories.

Mastering this circuit requires awareness of the beliefs and stories we hold dear and examining the cognitive biases it uses to filter out the information we consciously process.

Change the stories or maps, change your experience of reality.


  1. Regulates Sanity: The Mapmaker weaves the fabric of your mental cosmos, ensuring that amidst the vast sea of information, your ship sails smoothly, guided by the stars of reason and understanding.
  2. Master of Symbols: With a quill dipped in the ink of Orange Magick, the Mapmaker scripts the symbols that define and describe worlds, teaching you to read and rewrite the codes of exis-dance.
  3. Logical Advisor: In the court of your mind, The Mapmaker sits as the chief counselor, strategizing with precision and turning the wheels of cognition to your advantage!
  4. Narrative Strategy: The Mapmaker offers wisdom about how you can adopt and craft narratives that not only describe your reality but actively create it.

Empowerment through Orange Magick:

Orange Magick infuses your quest with mercurial wit and the strategist’s foresight. It’s the spark that ignites mental flexibility, pattern recognition, compelling storytelling, and the playfulness of the trickster to redefine reality, and hack the odds.

This energy brings your mental game into overdrive, bypassing the deliberate thinking processes, to spit out quick responses directly from the vast vault of your subconscious.

Calling upon the orange flame brings in playfulness and inspiration to try unconventional approaches, it helps in manipulating statistics to our advantage, increasing our odds at gambling or surviving the thrillseeker’s life in high-risk envirorments.

If your flavor of fun goes more along the taglines of Operation Mindfuck, this magick will fuel your pranks.

The Mapmaker’s Call:

To journey with The Mapmaker means to embrace the playful approach of mapping reality, to question and rewrite the mental models that govern your perception, and expand the frontiers of your understanding. It’s an invitation to author your own story, to craft narratives that elevate and empower, to sift through the landscapes of illusion seeking pearls of truth, and to navigate the maze of cognition with agility and insight.