The Reality-Hacker

Introducing the Circuit 6 Avatar

The Reality-Hacker

The Neuro Hacker

Welcome to the operator’s level where the Reality Hacker has access to metacognition and to the operating system. With the awareness of the programs running on the previous levels, we can now start making adjustments to increase the user experiences while operating a complex bio-computer Avatar at the Game of Life.

The Reality Hacker, knows about the malleability of reality and serves you as a guide in navigating the Chaos of a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world. Tapping into the raw power of creation available through sexual energy, this avatar guides you through the process of energetic activation, intuition-based navigation and leads you to unlock the mastery of possibility management in the realms of uncertainty.

Role in your Quest

The Reality Hacker stands as your ally in the quest for self-mastery and reality selection. Armed with the knowledge of how to manipulate the brain’s pharmacology and neural pathways, this Avatar opens you to the exhilarating potential of reality hacking. Here, psychedelics, chaos magick practices, and initiatory rituals serve as tools to move your system into energetic awakening, enhancing extra-sensory sensitivity and expanding your perception of reality by adapting your filters of perception.

In the OrMec cosmos, this Avatar supports you to embrace uncertainty, and relativity and pushes you deeper in the pursuit of freedom and novelty.

The Circuit 6

At this level, we become aware of being the pilot of a complex nervous system operating a body playing a character in the Game of Life on this rock floating through space. At least that is my metaphor for the sort of experiences available through this circuit.

We begin experimenting with the rich pharmacology of our brain and how manipulating it changes our perceptions of ourselves and reality and allows us to play around with creative disorder to rearrange our neuro-pathways, increase neuroplasticity, and start changing our programming at will.

Our nervous system increases its sensory sensitivity, often our sensitivity to light creating changes in visual perception. The sensitivity to the perception of energetic fields and neuro-electric signals increases enabling all kinds of experiences often labeled as intuition, clair-sentience,or hallucinations.

We enter the field of possibilities as the perception of time becomes non-linear, and we gain the ability to choose from the possible reality tunnels available.


  1. Activates Energy: This Avatar ignites the energetic body, opening your system to decode information from energetic fields around you. It teaches you to harness the raw power of your purple sexual energy to fuel your journey and create the reality configuration you desire.
  2. Uncertainty Master: With this Avatar’s guidance, you can move easily through phases of high uncertainty. Its irreverent pursuit of freedom and capacity to navigate the realms of relativity and multiple possibilities teaches you to let go of attachment and the need for control to enjoy the thrills of novelty and surprise.
  3. Surfs Chaos: Adept at riding the unpredictable currents of life, the Neurohacking Magician turns potential turmoil into a playground of possibilities, demonstrating how to adapt your mind programs with flexibility to help navigate the ever-changing landscape with agility and have fun surfing the High waves of Chaos.
  4. Intuition Strategy: Through the cultivation of deep intuitive connections, this avatar unlocks the door to inner wisdom, guiding your path with the subtle cues and insights that emerge from the confluence of mind, body, and spirit.

Empowerment through Sex Magick

The NeuroHacker is adept at manipulating brain chemistry and using the neuroplasticity gained through altered states to make changes in your nervous system programming with sigils and rituals as tools of metaprogramming.

Fueled by the purple flame of Sex Magick this Avatar holds the key to manipulating reality according to your will through the activation of your energetic body. Channeling the raw forces of creation, erotic energy, and the peak of orgasmic experiences, this Avatar can channel the power of Eros to amplify your magical workings. Infusing Sigils or Rituals with sexual gnosis and engaging with the unpredictable forces of disorder, it empowers you to rearrange your experience of reality.

The Reality Hackers Call

To walk with the Realilty Hacker means to enter a world where the boundaries of reality are yours to redraw, where the energies of creation pulse at your fingertips, and where the chaotic patterns of exis-dance are woven with the threads of your will.

This Avatar invites you to navigate as an energetic being through the fabric of reality, gathering information through intuition and extra-sensory antennas, and to channel the power of your sexuality to consciously manifest your will.

It calls upon you to fully embrace the beautiful Chaos of your being, thrive in the realms of uncertainty, and enjoy as much freedom, as your Sovereign from Circuit 2 will allow you to.

Mastering this path will transform you into a luminous being with a powerful reality distortion field and set you free to play whatever games you fancy to play.

Are you ready to embrace the power of the Reality Hacker, to surf the Waves of Chaos, to harness the creative energies of Sex Magick, and to reshape the fabric of your reality?