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An embodied ritual journey through the 8 Circuit Brain Model

August 28 @ 11:00 20:00 CEST

How do experiences of altered states catalyze personal transformation? How can altered states fast-track our evolution? Why do we sometimes spiral out of control and unravel after an experience of altered consciousness? The 8 Circuit Brain Model works as a map to better understand this and I believe it has vast usefulness for any psychonaut. 

This offering I make for psychonauts with an inclination towards magick and ritual, who wish to access a map of consciousness that allows a balanced approach at exploring self and altered states. 

This full day workshop will introduce you to the 8 Circuit Brain Model of Timothy Leary and Robert Anton Wilson in a playful, embodied and ritual approach leaning on the practices proposed by Antero Alli to claim this map as your own. 

We will start from a brief but comprehensive introduction to this model at the beginning of the day, followed up by a series of exercises and experiments, on a journey through all 8 circuits exploring their vertical connections. 

In a playful manner, we will engage in group practices, rituals, meditations and 1:1 exchanges for each of the circuits. 

About The 8 Circuit Brain Model

This model is another map for self-assessment and different levels of personal and transpersonal consciousness that works without the determinism of place and time of birth unlike maps like astrology or human design. 

It maps psychological and spiritual development in a paradigm neutral lingo applying tenants from developmental psychology, evolutionary neurobiology, general semantics and maybe logic. It allows for an understanding how our Central Nervous System wires throughout stages of development and how altered states of consciousness function as catalyst for evolution in our personal wiring, if we manage to absorb and integrate the shocks and how they can create states of disbalance and dysregulation if we fail to do so. 

Who might enjoy this?

This workshop may benefit  you if you like to play around with altered states, want to figure out how to approach this in a holistic and balanced manner and have an affinity for magick, ritual and/or occultism. 

It might not resonate for you, if your mind has allergies towards these three last words. 

Even though this map does not require you to buy into any ontological paradigm, it does map the territory in the land of woo as well as our personal development territory. 

The Flow for the Day

Doors open at 10:30 to arrive in the space, the Workshop begins at 11:00

We will start with a theoretical overview and then dive into embodied and ritual praxis. Before lunch we will explore Circuits 1-4 and after lunch we will go into Circuits 5-8 with more Ritual and Magick. We will have a 45-60 Minute Lunch break. Lunch is not included in the pricing.

Unit 1: Theoretical overview with Q&A

Unit 2 Liberation: C1 & C2  Safety and  Body Sensing / Emotional Territory

Unit 3 Love: C3 & C4 Mindmaps and narratives/ Social Navigation

Lunch Break around 14:00

Unit 4 Playfulness: C5 & C 6 Sensing and Play/ Magick and Metaprogramming

Unit 5 Balance: C7 & C8 Ritual with Archetypes/ Void and Impermanence

Unit 6: Integration Circle and feedback

End 19:00 Chill out until 20:00

The Aim of the Game

Together we will create an immersive experience to explore how our nervous system responds from different levels of consciousness and explore the uniqueness of our own wiring as well as the patterns we share with others. 

By the end of this day you will have an embodied understanding of this model of consciousness developed from psychonauts for psychonauts to claim this model for yourself and your own expeditions. 

How to prepare and what to bring

Please do not consume any consciousness altering substances this day and if possible not the day prior to this event. We want to explore the natural sensitivity of our Central Nervous System. 

Have a light protein rich breakfast this morning and bring some snacks to have and share during the day, also a bottle of water that can be closed. 

Wear something you feel comfortable in to do a bit of physical exercise  and if you like a second outfit that makes you feel more magickal. 

Bring a Yoga Mat or Cushion to sit on and your Journal/Diary to take notes and write down your reflections. 

Come with curiosity and an open mind. 

About the Facilitator

Mariana Pinzón works as a transformational coach and offers her space for psychonauts to do integration work, recalibrate their system and dive deeper into the quest of self-discovery. She assists Solar Punk Visionaries to ground and embody their vision to be the change they want to see in the world and holds space for chaotic edge-dwellers to balance order and disorder so they may increase response-ability to surf the waves of chaos. 

She practices Chaos Magick as a path of liberation and illumination and has an academic background in Comparative Science of Religion and Philosophy as well as in political work regarding the separation of church and state and the re-legalization of Cannabis. 

In her coaching sessions she applies her Training with Animas Center for Coaching and mixes it up with playful elements from Possibility Management and Chaos Magick. 

Her heart beats for creating transformative spaces and building a Chaos Monastery, where people come to retreat and explore and recalibrate on the 8 realms of consciousness and play with the 8 colors of magick, practicing inner and outer permaculture. 


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You can join for the first half of the day to get the transmission and experiment with the lower circuits for 23 Euros or stay all day and participate in the magick according to your budget.

I will join half a day 23 Euros

I have a tight budget: 42 Euros

I get by all right: 55 Euros

I live in abundance 93 Euros

30% of the Ticket Revenue goes as a donation to the Psychedelic Society Berlin

Pricing: €23,00 – €93,00

Choose according to your financial possibilities

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