This workshop is not about socialising or performing. It is about exploring and experiencing ourselves in a non-judgmental and supportive environment.

Antero Alli’s ParaTheater technology is based on the idea that the body is the gateway to the unconscious mind. By engaging in ritual practices that involve movement, sound, and visualization, we can access and transform our deepest fears, desires, and beliefs.

Again it is important to stress that ParaTheater is not a performance, but a process of personal transformation that can help us heal, grow, and awaken to our true selves.

In this workshop you will:

  • Experience the power of solo ritual in a group setting
  • Be guided through a series of exercises and improvisations that will help you access your inner worlds, express your emotions
  • Connect with your fellow participants at a deeper level
  • Have the opportunity to explore your own unique creativity and authenticity in a a-social held space.

No previous experience in theatre or ritual is necessary.

Come with an open mind and a willingness to explore, and leave with a renewed connection to your deepest self.

Wear comfy clothes and bring a water bottle.


  • Courageous Curious Cats
  • Psychonauts willing to explore without substances
  • Chaos-loving humans wishing to promote inner balance through ritual work
  • Witches, Wizards, and Magickians who want to play in groups
  • Ritualists curious to expand upon their ritual paradigms.


Mariana Pinzón is a transformational coach and Chaos Magickian with a peculiar approach to spirituality. Her mission is to help unconventional humans embrace states of chaos and confusion as opportunities for personal (R)evolution. She takes her clients on deep-dive journeys of self-discovery to empower them to craft their own paths.

She believes in the power of Chaos as a catalyst for evolution and that each crisis allows for a window of opportunity to reprogram our system into a new level of functioning.

She has a background in comparative religion, philosophy, and political science, as well as certified training in transformational coaching with Animas Center for Coaching.

She is equipped with a range of tools and techniques that allow her to help her clients identify their own solutions. With her flexible epistemology and ability to engage in paradigm-shifting and crafting beliefs, she can facilitate rapid change.

She combines traditional coaching tools and methods with the playful use of sigils and rituals to anchor the desired change deep within the clients’ system. She loves to serve Cacao and work with the Inner Child or engage in shadow exploration.


You can book single sessions: 17-23-42 Eur
You can book a 3 sessions package: 42 – 44 – 95 Euro
You can book a 5 Sessions package: 55 – 95 – 155 Euro

Please note this series is a journey and whilst you can absolutely come along to one on it’s own, it is better experienced as a whole.

“Para theatre is a safe and fun container to experiment with my own states of being, more specifically with the polarities of my existence. Almost seamlessly I can go from high to low and vice versa. Through this liberating exploration of my own existence I can extend my window of tolerance significantly. Thereby become comfortable with all states and face them with a refreshed curiosity and compassion. Self regulation becomes easier as Para Theatre is like a gym for the somatic expression of emotions. Hence it becomes easier to hang out in the desired state.”

Andrew Stegwell

Dear Mariana,
Thanks you Mariana for holding this space and creating such a wonderful journey. For me the Paralab was a pure space to experience and experiment with my so fixed unconscious perspectives. It was surprising, truly healing, transforming through all senses and seemingly playful. Great way to grow personally. 🙏


Thank you for that opportunity , Mariana. Yesterday was my first contact with ParaTheater. I felt held and guided and experienced it as a wild and free space of embodied discoveries. Thank you so much – I will definitely come again🦋

Aje Brücken