The Balanced Psychonautics Quest

A transformational journey to reclaim your existence!

12 Weeks – 8 Adventurers – 1 Agent of Change & Infinite possibilities.

You feel overwhelmed by the rapid shifting territory of our collective crisis? You have visions for a regenerative Solar Punk future? You want to reclaim agency over your life? Explore and befriend your Central Nervous System! Figure out where to work on to find new balance in your System! Get ready to surf the Waves of Chaos! Embody the archetype of the Magickian to become the change you want to see in the world!

The Quest

The 12-Week Balanced Psychonautics Quest challenges you into a deep dive into your “Self-Programming” and into exploration of different states of consciousness available to you through your Central Nervous System (CNS).

Each adventurer will go on a personal transformational journey in company of other courageous psychonauts to examine the wiring of their own CNS on the 8 different levels of consciousness described by Timothy Leary, Robert Anton Wilson and Antero Alli in the 8 Circuit Brain Model – A Map of Consciousness for Psychonauts by Psychonauts.

What is included?

Time coordinates

We begin our adventure on September 26th and the Quest runs until December 12th.

We gather weekly in a online Crew Call that will happen on Sundays 19:00-21:30 CET.

In the first week and the last week we will have a 120 min deep dive check in and check out 1:1 call.

The rest of the 8 x 90 min 1:1 coaching sessions included in this package you can book in your own flow.

Quest Flow

The Crew

8 Psychonauts, Chaotic Edge-Dwellers and Solar Punk Visionaries are invited to join this Quest as a crew and #playwithme.

If you feel the call to play with Chaos…balance the order and disorder of your own system, claim your authority, reclaim your existence, step up from the edges and playfully surf the Waves of Chaos to become a game-world creator, then this is for you!

Is the Balanced Psychonautics Quest for me?

We look for the Secret – the Philosopher’s Stone, the Elixir of the Wise, Supreme Enlightenment, ‘God’ or whatever…and all the time it is carrying us about…It is the human nervous system itself.

― Robert Anton Wilson, Cosmic Trigger Volume I: Final Secret of the Illuminati

Ready to jump aboard and
claim one of the 8 available spots?

I am Mariana Pinzón and I invite you to join the Balanced Psychonautics Quest.

Mariana Pinzón, Foto Credit © Maximiliane Wittek 2021

I believe that the ones that have never fit in, the ones dwelling on the edges, forging their own paths, are now being called to be agents of change. I believe they have what it takes to create a new order out of the disorder of crumbling systems. To do so, I believe that we need to do the inner work to claim mastery of our Central Nervous System (CNS) as our game-world Avatar.

I believe it is time to do the inner alchemy, let go of the stories of being victims of a system that does not fit us and embody the change we want to create in the world.

Since you’re reading these words, you might feel this call as well.

More about myself

Mariana’s depth of knowledge takes my breath away; she has such a beautiful heart while being profoundly strong. She is patient and heartfelt and she cares deeply for others. She brings tears to my eyes as she is such a special human being and I feel incredibly honored to know her. Her power and life experiences are her greatest gifts; she is deeply grounded and she is able to touch others’ lives in a meaningful and thoughtful way.

Kana Knox, CEO of Unfurlingheart

What are we questing for?

SHOW UP fully, DIVE IN and ENGAGE with the QUEST and you will…

  1. Gain a new level of clarity around the programs that are running the ego-structures of your Avatar.
  2. Take aligned action to adjust the programming of your Central Nervous System to embody who you actually are and increase your response-ability and user experience of this game of life on mothership earth.
  3. Understand how to increase the intelligence of each level of consciousness by the process of absorbing, integrating and transmitting information through them and the importance on INTEGRATION for all leveling up efforts.
  4. Summon the courage to expose and bypass the sources of power loss in your life to reclaim your existence.
  5. Be challenged to increase your integrity, autonomy and authority to embody the Magickian Archetype and be the conscious creator of your Reality-Tunnel.

What is included?

A Transformational Vortex

For 12 Weeks, I will be holding a powerful Transformational Vortex open that will keep you focused on your Quest and committed to doing this work.

You will receive 8 Workbooks (one for each circuit) that will challenge your circuitry programming with reflection, experiments, challenges, meditations and rituals for you to play with on your Quest to explore each Circuit of your Central Nervous System. You will also download this map for further use on your psychonautic explorations.

You will have access to me via Telegram for short feedback and reflections for whatever comes up during your Quest.

A Personal Coaching Journey

At the core of this Quest is your own personal Transformational Journey to which I will serve as a companion in a one-on-one setting either via Video Call or in my space in Berlin.

For you to really dive deep in playing with this material, I offer:

An Initial 2-Hour Deep-dive System Check Session, in which we will gain a deep level of clarity around where you are now in all the 8 Circuits of Intelligence and what it is that you are being called to focus your work on during this quest. 

8 ChaoSurfing Sessions of 90 minutes, in which we will tune in deeply into whatever challenge you face in your life story or what ever goal of change your want to quest for. We will work to find clear next steps for dissolving limitations and moving forward to actualizing your vision.

A 2 Hour Deep-Dive System-Check-Out Session in the last week of the journey, to assess what you have leveled up and you learned about your programming during this Quest.

A Group Journey

You will be questing together with a Crew of 8 Psychonauts on this Journey and with the assistance of my Chaos Crew.

We will have a weekly 2,5 hour Crew Call (Zoom) on Sundays where you will receive a short transmission related to the model and how different theories integrate into it. In this space, you can engage with the others in exercises and share and discuss your findings of your own Quest with the other Psychonauts on this journey.

I will also host a private Telegram group where you can exchange experiences and share your findings on this Quest with the other Psychonauts on board. We connect in this group to get your juices flowing and support each other in getting the gold and most fun out of this journey.

The 8 Circuit Brain Model

This is just another Map among many others to explore the shifting and mysterious territory of consciousness. It is the best one I know to practice balanced psychonautics and magick.

This map works under the assumption that we inhabit complex bio-computers that receive imprints in our brain circuitry by the experiences in our upbringing. Throughout our developmental journey, the nervous system gets conditioned by the cultural programs of the societies we grow up in and the information we have absorbed and integrated in to our maps throughout our education. To some extent our circuitry can be reprogrammed at our own will – on some levels easier than on others.

It acknowledges that there are different levels of experiencing reality. By balancing out the needs of the different levels of our nervous system, we can increase the sensitivity of our Central Nervous System to receive, integrate and transmit more signals increasing the joy of direct experience of reality. 

This Quest is designed to download and integrate this map as a tool to navigate the expansion of consciousness without substances. It does so by challenging your system on different levels into states of more fluidity. Through coaching and direct experiences using rituals, meditations and challenging tasks, I will assist you in rewiring your system to your will AND without imposing any cultural or spiritual paradigm on you

She has a creative way of dissecting parts of myself. With her creative, playful magical practice I realized, step by step, where my potential for positive growth lies.

Each session is full of self discoveries and new insights to explore, which she is able to stir up in the magic cauldron of the subconsciousness with her patient energy and powerful clarity.

I feel empowered in my creativity, curiosity and self awareness in the ways I speak to myself thanks to Mariana´s guidance on this transformational journey.

Suzanne Weng

The Flow of the Quest

This Quest starts on September 26th and runs until December 12th.

The weekly Crew Call will happen on Sundays 19:00-21:30 CET

  • Week 1: Crew Check In and overview (September 26th)
  • Week 2: Circuit 1 – Bio-Unit Maintenance (October 3rd)
  • Week 3: Circuit 2 – Sovereignty and Emotional Territory (October 10th)
  • Week 4: Circuit 3 – Mapmaking and Sensemaking (October 17th)
  • Week 5: Circuit 4 – Social Navigation (October 24th)
  • Week 6: No Call – Time to reflect and integrate (October 31th)
  • Week 7: Vertical Connection and Chapel Perilous (November 7th)
  • Week 8: Circuit 5 – Somatic Experiencing Hedonist (November 14th)
  • Week 9: Circuit 6 – The Neurohacking Magickian (November 21st)
  • Week 10: Circuit 7 – Network Intelligence Connection (November 28th)
  • Week 11: Circuit 8 – Non-Local Essence and the Void (December 5th)
  • Week 12: Integration Circle and Closing Ceremony (December 12th)

Full details on the quest units

Mariana´s capacity to engage in active listening and her outstanding ease to mirror what she listens to in a deeply reflective way allowed me to find much clarity in life problems that I have been facing and working on for years.

During her sessions she uses a different range of tools to engage in a joint exploration of the self, including meditation, cacao, dance, visualization and other kinds of different rituals. I felt since the first moment that she cared, that she was listening to me and never that she was judging me or telling me what to do.

Arturo Rodarte

Cosmic Adventurer behold!

Surfing the waves of Chaos

The future is up for grabs. It belongs to any and all who will take the risk and accept the responsibility of consciously creating the future they want.

Robert Anton Wilson

This Quests challenges you into a deep dive into self where you explore different states of consciousness and it is for you if…

You are a rebel with a cause, dwelling on the edges of the dominant culture, seeding visions of a regenerative future and looking for a path to become the change you want to see in the world!

You are done with the self-improvement circus, ready to fully embody your avatar and play with what you’ve got while also wanting to increase the intelligence of your system to enhance your game-world experience!

You know we can’t wait for the political establishment to make the changes necessary. It is past 12 and too late for anything but magick and you want to step into your power as game changer or game-world creator!

You feel anxious but more excited about the present reality breaking down to make space for new possibilities of systemic configurations for our human collective that are designed to play more infinite games!

You are experiencing rising levels of uncertainty in your life because the shifting territory of our global game world (brought to you by the Corona Crisis) has made your maps obsolete. Now you are looking for ways to learn to surf the Waves of Chaos coming our way!

You are ready for a quest of deep inquiry to “know thyself”  and seeking experiences in trans-personal realms of consciousness but you also want to counterbalance the potentially destabilizing effects of deep diving with psychedelics or playing with magick!

You are not alone. The Balanced Psychonautics Quest may be for you. Join the Crew!

If you find yourself bogged down in these chaotic times and want to learn how to surf the waves of chaotic dynamics I would like to recommend Mariana as a coach as she is really able to create and hold space for you! A space for reflection and removal of mental and energetic obstacles that could subconsciously be sabotaging your capacity to live your fullest potential in a playful and entertaining way.

Aleks Bran

CHAOS as a force of Evolution

Chaos acts as a trigger for change in any system. When structures have become oppressive or dis-serving, an influx of Chaos breaks down fixations and certitudes. States of Chaos offer the fluidity for systems to shift into higher states of functioning. 

If you feel the call to play with Chaos and balance the order and disorder of your own system, reclaim your existence, step up from the edges, claim your sovereignty and playfully surf the Waves of Chaos to become a game-world creator, join the others in:


Crisis as a Portal for Transformation

You know in your bones that we have entered a huge collective and chaotic transformation ride of consecutive crises and you can sense that through this portal we can either shift into a golden age of solar punk or wake up in a wacky totalitarian sort of cyberpunk dystopia where the corporate overlords watch our every move…or something else entirely.

You can sense that disorder, that becomes destructive, needs to be balanced out with order and order, that order that becomes destructive, needs to be disrupted and balanced out with disorder. You know that we face the choice between rapid evolution (creative disorder) and revolution (destructive disorder) or possible extinction if the systemic order, currently in place and trashing the planet does not change rapidly.

I felt a deep trust in Mariana throughout the whole process, and she made everything feel safe. Her steadfast, compassionate presence was a beacon of light. I highly recommend Mariana and ChaoSurfing to anyone seeking to heal their shadow and integrate its wonderful power. What previously was feared becomes loved and understood, allowing more substantial change than anything surface-level could offer.

Andrew D. Pegram

Your Investment


The most valuable investment for your personal Transformation Quest is the time you commit to doing the Work.

Your weekly time investment amounts to:

  • 2,5 hours for a weekly crew call
  • 90 minutes for coaching (up to 8 times during the 12 weeks, you choose the time and frequency)
  • 1-8 hours for completing the tasks on The Quest (you choose yourself how much you can invest and pick the items that most speak to you)


For this Transformational Journey I ask you to invest :

2,300 Euros (incl. MwSt/VAT)

If this is financially out of reach to you, but you know you need to get on this Quest, talk to me to figure out how we can make it work.

If you are curious enough – apply below for one of the total 8 spots available!

What’s the gain again?

Understand how the ego-structures of your Avatar work. Understand how fully integrating your physical, emotional, conceptual and social needs serves as a resilient anchor for natural expansion and safer explorations in higher realms of consciousness. Understand and experience how this allows you to hold more experiences of Ecstasy, Uncertainty, Indivisibility and Impermanence without frying or short-circuiting your Avatar’s CNS.

Increasing your commitment to your Body and this Life and fully claiming your Avatar to play on Mothership Earth while releasing existential dread.

Develop compassion with your emotional responses and territorial needs by understanding the root of your patterns and adjust them to redefine your sense of self-worth, status and success.

Making the Mind your Servant by Unpacking the Belief Systems (B.S.) and biases your mind works with. This will help to increase your sense-making and problem solving skills instead of letting your monkey mind run the show over your perception of reality. 

Get crystal clarity on your own personal ethics and release imprinted moral programming. This will allow you to engage in honest and conscious relating and find your tribe to create your own game-worlds to inhabit. 

Listening to your body’s wisdom and fulfilling its needs for bio-survival will allow you to hold more space for presence, sacred play, awe and wonder and sublime ecstasy. 

Anchoring in your Sovereignty. This will allow you to hold space for multiple realities, to explore possibilities, engage in reality selection and expand your awareness of the energetic body and other signals from the psychic circus. 

Fine-tune your nervous system to receive more signals from archetypal sources, connect to the muses and channel trans-personal genius. Translate this into your art or science by making your mind more flexible to adapt maps and develop sharper sense-making. 

Releasing attachment to Identities by meeting the Void allowing you to become more flexible in creating game-world characters to play in different social fields.

The most important thing you do in your life is to die.

Timothy Leary

The Agent of Change

Foto Credit © Maximiliane Wittek, 2021

I am a trained and qualified transformational coach by Animas Center for Coaching, a psychonaut and Erisian Chaos Magickian answering the call of the Cosmic Costumer Service to assist with the transformation of human society on Mothership Earth through playful liberation of consciousness.

I have experience in other forms of transformation quests playing in a more serious character in the game-worlds of drug policy activism and medical cannabis entrepreneurship and advocating for secularism and sensible drug policies as a green party politician. 

My first good mindfuck happened through studies in Philosophy, Comparative Religion and Political Science through university education. Illumination through mindfuck further happend by reading the Principia Discordia, Robert Anton Wilson and Antero Alli. Hail Eris!

I have a passion for exploring reality tunnels, paradigms and other ways to engage with reality.

I give my best to encounter the world with curiosity, humor, courage and an open heart and I appreciate the power of Chaos and Crisis as portals for transformation. 

I have a special place in my heart for other tricksters, fools, freaks, chaotic edge-dwellers, rebels, black sheep and solar punk visionaries. 

Courage is the key to creativity and to any relinquishing of ego structure.

Timothy Leary, Your Brain Is God

Join the Quest

Show yourself

Please answer the following questions, so I can get an impression of you and where you want to head after jumping into this Vortex of Transformation.

    This section is Optional. Tell me more about you for a quick start in to your world. If you trust me to share some of your thoughts on this in writing, it will help me prepare for our call. If not use these questions as prompts for you to think or journal about and then share some when we speak.

    What happens next?

    If your application resonates with the crew I envision to take aboard of this exclusive journey, you will get an invite for a 55 minute chemistry call with me.

    If you have any more questions you need answered, contact me by taking a bite out of the golden apple.

    All photos picturing me are © Maximiliane Wittek, 2021, the rest are contributed by creators at UNSPLASH, Graphics were created by Mike Lebrija.