The Balanced Psychonautics Quest

A transformational journey to learn the art of Surfing the Waves of Chaos

An 8 weeks online course to explore the 8CCC Map to find Balance in Chaos.

This Quest from the Cosmic Costumer Care Departmen might be a good next side quest of your adventure on Terra if you…

  • are on the ancient quest to “know thyself”  using psychedelics or playing with magick and you want to counterbalance the potentially destabilizing side-effects of reality shocks?

  • are operating with a neuro-divergent wiring of Central Nervous System and want to embrace all of your beautiful Chaos.

  • experienced a life altering event or trip and you feel you need to reinvent your Self and create a new path to move on?
  • hit a wall and you know you can’t go on operating the way you have been, but you can’t see the new way yet or how to level up?

  • feel out of balance and overwhelmed by the rising uncertainty of times of inner or outer crisis, but you know its a chance to level up?

  • are flying high in search of expansion but loosing your ground?

We look for the Secret – the Philosopher’s Stone, the Elixir of the Wise, Supreme Enlightenment, ‘God’ or whatever…and all the time it is carrying us about…It is the human nervous system itself.

― Robert Anton Wilson, Cosmic Trigger Volume I: Final Secret of the Illuminati

The Quest

The Balanced Psychonautics Quest is a transformative adventure based on the 8 Circuits of Consciousness Model of Timothy Leary, updated by Robert Anton Wilson and interpreted by Antero Alli and the 8 Colors of Magick Model by Peter Caroll.

This exploration into the realms of our consciousness aims to help you unfuck your nervous system and find the sweet spot of balance of order and disorder to surf the Waves of Chaos in this VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) world.

The Balanced Psychonautics Quest challenges you into a journey of deep Self-inquiry, a change in brain programming, and the exploration and mapping of different states of consciousness available to you through your Central Nervous System (CNS) while inspiring you to tap into your own version of magical practice.

What is included?

Time Coordinates

This maiden journey to scout the territory as a group on our new e-learning platform starts on July 23rd and goes on for 8 weeks until September 10th.

Each week you will get a drip feed of 5 video transmissions for each Circuit for you to explore the models and a Quest Scroll full of challenges to play with in the real world to create a direct experience in your system and trigger brain change.

After the 23rd of July it will be possible to start the Quest as solo adventurer at any time.

Further and deeper magical group expeditions through the 8 dimensions start on the Spring and Fall Equinox and go on for 3 months until the Solstice.

The Crew

For this maiden journey, we are looking for Curious Cats, Psychonautics Researchers, and intrepid Edge-Dwellers of all kinds willing to take a deep dive into Self-exploration and act as trailblazers on our new platform.

The number of participants is not limited.

You will have access to our discord server to mingle with the community of those, who are on the same journey as you and those who have taken this Quest before you in another version.

Here you can receive support from the others and the guide and give us feedback to help improve the experience.

After you have taken this Quest, you may purchase a ticket for the 3 months magick expedition with a Crew of 23 Consciousness Pirates: The Ritual Research Reise.

I dare to sing up!

The Balanced Psychonautics Quest 2021 was an exciting journey with many interesting twists and turns, but safely and sensitively accompanied by Mariana. She has a gift for deep psychological immersion. She helped me to find the balance and the way out on various issues. I have successfully implemented many ideas and manifestations with her help. She really takes the time and energy to ensure everyone gets what they envision. I have noticed in myself how far I have changed and transformed with my consciousness. I always felt her presence as a good anchor and safe haven. In this program you are shown a lot of ideas and tools on how to reach your own subconscious and connect with yourself. 

I got to know many practical exercises and rituals. It was a very transformative journey that is still going on and is allowed to continue for me. 

Mariana is a very safe coach and is very good at managing chaos.

Hische Krause-Jens

The Agent of Change

My name is Mariana Pinzón, also known as Mavis and here to guide you along this 8 weeks Quest.

I work with unconventional humans, edge-dwellers and neuro-divergent folx, who struggle to actualize their dreams because of their chaotic experiences of life. I take them on a quest of self-discovery, integration and grounding and help them welcome and embrace their Chaos as an opportunity to level up, unleash their magick and craft their own path towards their desired reality experience. 

Foto by Maximiliane Wittek 2021

Mariana’s depth of knowledge takes my breath away; she has such a beautiful heart while being profoundly strong. She is patient and heartfelt and she cares deeply for others. She brings tears to my eyes as she is such a special human being and I feel incredibly honored to know her. Her power and life experiences are her greatest gifts; she is deeply grounded and she is able to touch others’ lives in a meaningful and thoughtful way.

Kana Knox, CEO of Unfurlingheart

Why this model?

I’m no stranger to life’s ups and downs, the highs and lows, the twists and turns. But let me tell you, working with the 8 Circuits of Consciousness Model has been like strapping on a surfboard and riding those waves with more ease!

It’s helped me navigate some of the toughest crises I’ve ever faced, rebuild myself from the ground up, and develop skills to help others in their times of need.

And hey, let’s not forget the humor! These thinkers are a bunch of wacky geniuses who know how to make you laugh, even in the midst of a dark night of the soul.

What about my credentials as a guide?

First off, I’ve earned and learned the ins and out of this map of consciousness by working with the material of these eccentric thinkers and applying it in the mids of Wave after Wave of Chaos hitting my life. It helped me keep some sense of sanity and laugh about the cosmic joke being played on me.

But I also have some shiny documents of authority to show for it.

I have a diploma in Transformational Coaching and a university degree in Philosophy, Comparative Religion, and Political Science, a diploma in Positive Psychology, and about 20 years of experience leading group work in different settings: university, politics, activism, and transformative spaces.

I have over 5 years of experience practicing group magick with the IOT and I’ve played in some pretty wild game-worlds, like politics, drug liberation, and even medical cannabis entrepreneurship.

But now, as a chaos magickian and erisian trickster, I encounter the world with curiosity, humor, courage, and an open heart and I have taken up my shift at the Cosmic Customer Care Department to guide others in their explorations of this mad world.

Hail Eris!

Why do I offer this Quest?

As someone who’s been through some serious waves of Chaos, I know firsthand the transformative power it can have. And I also know that those of us who don’t quite fit in with the mainstream has a special role to play as Agents of Change.

That’s why I’m offering this Journey to explore the 8 Circuits of Consciousness Model and the 8 Coloros of Magick so more of us can gain mastery over our nervous system configurations.

I invite you to embrace your inner freaks, nerds, and rebels and become the change you want to seed in the world

Ready start wachsing your surfborad?
claim your ticket for this ride!

What are we questing for?

With this Journey, you get what you invest. Show up fully and you will see results beyond your wildest dreams.

The Quest will enable you to:

  1. To understand the function of integration for the process of Intelligence Increase and finding balance to surf the Waves of Chaos in a VUCA world or unleashed while playing with Magick and/or Psychedelics.
  2. Download this map as a tool for navigation on all of your psychonautic expeditions and help you curate Set and Setting for your adventures.

  3. Increase Selfawareness and Self-compassion around the programs that are running the structures of your avatar, challenge them, and make adjustments to increase your response-ability to events in the Game of Life.
  4. Figure out which tools can help you regain balance when moving through crisis so you can level up and increase your user experience on Terra.
  5. Explore the archetype of The Magician as a Neuro-Hacker that unfucks his Nervous System and creates changes in their experience of Reality.

What is included?

Online Course

You will receive access to the complete course at our new online e-learning platform at

For each week you will get access to one unit containing 5 pre-recorded video transmissions for each circuit.

  1. The Circuit – exploring access and functions.
  2. Malfunctions – exploring the different ways our avatar’s system is fucked and what strategies might work to unfuck it.
  3. Intelligence Increase – how the process of absorption, integration, and transmission works to increase functional intelligence.
  4. The Color of Magick – how to include magical practice in your Quest for Brain Change and Intelligence Increase.
  5. Quest pointers – what items from the scrolls might be of particular interest?

Quest Scrolls

Each of the 8 Quest-Scrolls (one for each circuit) contains a theorem and a praxis section that will challenge your circuitry and brain programming with reflection assignments, experiments, challenges, meditations and rituals for you to play with on your Quest in the 3D world to explore each circuit of your Central Nervous System.

This compilation is sourced from material of Robert Anton Wilson, Antero Alli, Peter Carrol, Christopher Hyatt, Possibility Management and some devised on my own.

Experimenting with these tasks will give you first-hand direct experience to fully download and integrate this map for further use on your psychonautic explorations.

You choose what resonates with you.


When venturing into a Quest on the elusive territory of consciousness a Crew of peers can make a huge difference in how you come out on the other side.

As a Crew we share our findings, we give each other mirrors and support, we learn from each other and we keep each other motivated to tackle the challenges ahead.

You get to join a Discord server where you can exchange experiences and share your findings on this Quest with the other psychonauts that journey with you or have taken the quest before.

Every 2 weeks there will be a live Q&A call to check in with each other.

And PS: This Quest offers you the opportunity to explore and experiment with reality without consciousness-altering chemicals or medicines.

I was part of the Balanced Psychonautics Crew 2021. At that time I was in uncoupling-struggles and I felt extremely supported by the intelligent way Mariana coached me throw the probably most difficult intimate relationship-issue at that moment. She helped me to understand and name my trauma reactions. I felt empowered and generously supported.

Thanks to the 8-Circuit-Brain Journey and the methods that we researched along with, I was offered to investigate into the perspective, that Chaos has the potential for a more magic and mysterious life. Who would not want that!

Frauke Spannenberg

Your Investment


The most valuable investment for your personal Transformation during this Quest is the time you commit to playing with the Quest items on the scrolls.

Your weekly time investment amounts to:

  • 2-4 hours of video content.
  • 1-8 hours for completing the tasks on The Quest (you choose yourself how much you can invest and pick the items that most speak to you)


The whole package of content for this course is worth 8×23 Euros!
But we are offering for those first intrepid adventurers keen enough to test the waters of this e-learning platform experience we are offering a single ticket for the whole ride at

23 Euros!

That is until July 23rd when the first group expedition of trailblazers starts.

For those who join us join us as solo adventurers to tailor their path, the ticket will be available at 55 Euros over the summer.

After that, the full package Quest will be available for 155 Euros since we will be adding features and content along with the elimination of bugs and kinks along the path.

This journey with Mariana has been a transformative journey. An odyssey full of challenges, treasures, dangers and unexpected events. A magical training in the art of living with chaos and enjoying the waves of change, seizing every blow and every encounter as part of my intention. I enlisted in this crew as a magical pirate to reinvent myself. I learned to let go of the dead and shape my desires and my actions. I ended a relationship of mistreatment and abuse and saw the time approaching to take flight artistically again.

Mariana is an extraordinary magician of the 8 circuits and a wonderful coach who knows how to speak the language of her interlocutor and use the power of imagination and metaphors to materialize their intention and desire in the life of each one. Of all the circuits, C1 and C2 have been the ones that have given me the most work, but with their help I have been able to sustain myself in the process of embracing abandoned memories and areas of myself that are part of my totality.

We are a mystery. A chaos. And the beauty of chaos-surfing is to give the form that our spirit yearns for every step of the way. Knowing that within the chaos it is important to know the course of our heart. And that we are so magical that we can model reality and marvel at that miracle journey. Thank you, Mariana! Oh, my captain! My captain!

Orland Verdú

If you have already taken this Quest or you enjoy being thrown into the Deep End, you can apply for a ticket for the Ritual Research Reise.

A 3-month group expedition on a magical ship with a selected crew.

Expeditions start around Spring and Fall Equinox


All photos picturing me are © Maximiliane Wittek, 2021, the rest are contributed by creators at UNSPLASH, Graphics were created by Mike Lebrija.