C1 The Quest for Safety

For some of us, the Quest for safety will present a bigger challenge than for others.

The last trimester in our mother’s womb, the way we came into the world, and the amount of contact we had with our mother’s body as infant leaves an imprint in our Nervous System.

Some of us have an imprint of safety, and some of us got an imprint of unsafety.

The first ones move through the world with a general sense of it feeling a safe place to be, for the others, the world just generally feels like a threatening place that demands full alertness.

We can exhaust ourselves trying to make the world a safer place, but we might never reach that, because, well: Chaos.

But we can Quest after the source of safety within ourselves and learn to work with our body and our nervous system to regulate back into safety after activation because of real or imagined danger.

We can learn that by co-regulating with other bodies, through breathwork and other practices, and by entering the Journey of truly befriending our bodies.

It would tremendously help as well of course, if as a collective we could guarantee safe housing and feeding to everyone, without the hustle for the money tickets.

But it might take longer to get there than your personal Quest for safety.

Your Quest for Balanced Psychonautics starts with learning to source safety within yourself.

If you play with magick or with psychedelics this is always an important skill to have:

Embrace yourself and come back to safety.

If you are up for exploring this topic in a ritual framing, join the next Ritual Research Crew that starts September 24th.

You can warm up at Basecamp and get to know the Map and Compass we will use for this magickal expedition for free or get started on the Quest and start catching up with the Trailblazers.